Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Didn't Know That I'm Famous. Ha-Ha-Ha!

Hello my friends!

Greeting you from outstation :) I didn't bring my laptop with me but thanks to Blogger's new feature - future-dated post, I'm able to write this entry first and schedule to post it in future! So yea, I wrote this entry yesterday night and I set the publishing date and time to Thursday, 9pm.

I'll be away for 2 days and to entertain you people (before saying that I'm not active in blogging anymore T_T), I wrote this beforehand. Am I kind or what?

I'll be back on Friday night!!! Do miss me ok?

Previous entry is dedicated to my college friends. This entry is specially for my beloved secondary friends ;)

Nothing special actually other than the fact that we all went out yamcha and camwhored like nobody's business last Saturday! And since I have so many photos in hand, I might as well blog about it (I don't usually blog about my yamcha with friends). Before I proceed further, I must thank the guys for coming despite the last minute notice :p It's all because I was dead tired on Friday night (after work) and chatted for more than an hour on the phone, I don't have to energy to text the guys about the yamcha on Sat night.

I texted them on Sat afternoon instead and still, they promised to come ^.^

Thanks for giving face to me!!! Kakakaka...

Teng came around 7-ish and I brought her to NZX because it has been a long time since I last went there and to my surprise, there are so many new shops opened already! It's shops, not stalls!

There isn't a single shop open back in March!

Click for larger image.

Free publicity for them since the place is still new and there aren't many people who know about their newly opened restaurants/shops. They owed me a meal in their restaurant man!

1) Restaurant Ming Yang - occupied 2 corner shop lots with many stalls for you to choose from. A typical chinese coffeeshop.
2) Essence Saloon - seems very cool and nice but there isn't anyone inside. I'm not sure whether it's cheap or not. If it's cheap, I don't mind trying it :p
3) Loong Grill Fish Cafe - "Teng... Your bf open this cafe for you 1 is it?" This cafe is extremely secluded! I'll feel threaten to dine there -_-
4) A Korean Restaurant (due to the flash, I'm unable to see name of that restaurant) - The owner is such a risk taker! This is the only restaurant opened at the first floor and the location isn't strategic at all.
5) Hao Wei Dao Restaurant (means Good Taste in Mandarin) - The only restaurant that has promotion by handling out 25% vouchers to us =)
6) NZX Corner - A nicer and cleaner version of Ali Maju to me -_-
7) BBQ Chicken (Korea's No. 1 Chicken Restaurant) - There aren't that many people inside as well. Maybe it's because of the location =x But Teng and I promised to go there next time to try out their famous Jerk BBQ Chicken ^.^
8) I-don't-know-what-restaurant - The shop is so spacious but there are only a few chairs and tables inside +_+ No signboard, no menu, no nothing!!! How can they do business like that? -_-
9) The Spectacle Shop - The shop's name says it all.
10) Howah Restaurant - Another chinese coffeeshop.
11) Raxxane - Looks like a high end boutique. Didn't go in because we were running out of time.
12) Elvy - Another high end boutique. Will pay a visit when I go back there next time.
13) Station 1 Cafe - A famous cafe in Puchong! This is the 1 and only cafe with so many people dining inside.
14) Foodtiam Coffee - Foodtiam -_-''' what a name. I don't see anyone inside.
15) Hinata Japanese Restaurant - It's a closed concept restaurant. Not really a good idea of going for that concept because people like me don't dare to go in.
16) Adios Cafe - Nobody also. Seems like we got to say 'Adios' to this cafe real soon -_-'''

Rabbit... rabbits... rabbitss... rabbitsss...

NZX have this I don't know what rabbit fair or something but it managed to attract many kids to play with the rabbits. Of course they have to pay an amount of money to enter.

Beautiful fake sakura trees....

...along the street.

There are many stalls there. Just that my camera is unable to capture all of it.

They also have this International Food event happening at the NZX. Macam-macam ada. Mana-mana negara pun ada.

I think they are either Indonesian of Filipino singers.

We even met Heng Hong and chatted with him for awhile. He mentioned that Teng and I have changed so much (appearance wise) compared to last time. Have changed a lot but not to an extend that he cannot recognise us lah!

So, shall I be happy or not? +_+

Another event in NZX.

Another event in NZX is the International Reptile and Amphibian exhibition. As you may realise, everything that's happening in NZX is of international level -_-

Hamster: Buy me! Buy me! *insert innocent face*

They have puppies, hamsters, sugar sliders and etc for sale. But they are so stinky!!! I can't stand the smell lor to be honest +_+

After spending an hour and the half there, we adjourned to Sea Park mamak for our yamcha session. Seriously, I didn't expect so many people to come that day (due to last min notice) and I'm truly glad and happy that you all made an effort to see my face And Teng's face too!

I think we have around 12-13 people right? We have to join 3 tables some more

We spent some time there eating and chatting and we bumped into another group of high school friends over there as well!

WYang: I was looking at you just now but you didn't say hi to me!!!
Yian: I... I... I... I knew someone was looking at me when I arrived but, I couldn't recognise you lah! I'm so sorry +_+

When I thought that's it, there comes another friend...

KKeong: Wah lau... Just now look at you also didn't bother to say hi to me lah?
Yian: T_______T I'm so sorry!!! It didn't cross my mind that I know you all. I really couldn't recognise you all at a glance lor.

No wonder when I arrived that time, the whole bunch of guys were staring at me I didn't know I actually knew them because I don't dare to stare at them for too long.

It's always like that. People can always recognise me but in return, I don't really remember them T___T I'm terribly sorry. I have really bad memory ok. That's why I always felt that someone is familiar but I can't really recall whether I know them or not.

What Sea Park mamak is feh-mes for. Super delicious! Agree?

Sea Park is such a small place because the guys bumped into another friend too. This time around, he looks familiar to me and I knew that he's a junior from Taman Sea. Anything more than that, I couldn't recall.

But while I was chatting and laughing happily with my friends, that guy suddenly popped the question at me.

Junior (I don't know his name): Erm... Is your surname Wong anyway?
Yian: Ya... But, HOW DID YOU KNOW?!?!?!?!
Junior: Hahaha... I know lah.
Yian: Tell me!!! How come you know my name? I don't even know you! (He's a year or 2 years my junior lor)

(He kept quiet and just smiled at me, hinting that he refused to tell me how he knows my name)

Yian: Tell me! Tell me!! Tell me!!! I want to know!
Junior: You are from Prostar club right? You used to sit behind me in 1 of the meeting.
Yian: ( Sei lor... sat behind him once already know my name and remembered my face until now) But Teng is from Prostar too! You couldn't recognise her? Damn. You must be someone that I've disturbed before! Ha-ha-ha <- very very awkward laughter I tell you.

It's really surprising how someone can still remember my face after 4 years!!! Someone whom I've talked to maybe once, sat behind him once and disturbed him once can remember me! Teng said that either his friends or he himself admire me that's why he knew me...

Teng, seriously, you can be a scriptwriter already.Your imagination is simply, incomparable.

Come to think of it, there are a couple of times when I was shopping in One U with my family, some fellas just walked up to me and said that they knew me from Taman Sea school Some recognised me from PBSM, some from LEO clubs and some simply just know me (they don't want to tell me the reason).

I'm famous in school!!!!
(Obviously I'm just kidding)

But wait, what's the point of me changing my image every year when a junior whom I barely talk to can recognise me after 4 freaking years???

Failed already la meaning.

Anyway, back to my main topic, while we were chatting halfway, it started to pour heavily and we were forced to change venue to...

McDonald in ss2.

But coincidently again, I bumped into 2 friends (Adeline and Mr Y) of mine. I felt so awkward and embarrassed when I saw him -_-''' I ffk-ed him so many times by saying that I'm busy and all but he caught me hanging out with my friends! Worst of all, he was standing right in front of me, staring at me but I still didn't see him! Teng got to pull my hand, tell me about him standing in front of me, only then I realised his existence +_+ Where to hide my face you tell me?

We didn't settle in McD because they don't have long tables to accommodate all of us and we can't join the tables.

So, the remaining 10 of us (the other 3 of KWah's friends left already) went to Wong Kok in 4 cars.

YMei, CHowe, KWah.

XYuan, Teng.

Mr Loke Xiu Yuan!!!! Stop teasing me with him ok!!!!!! It's already history and there isn't anything that happen between the both of us! I've already forgotten about it but you kept reminding me about the past each time I see your face.

Say it again and you'll have to buy me Guess watch as my 21st bday present! I'm very evil thank you very much.

Kanasai, Teng, YMei.

Your blogger, CTho, YMan. YMan... I didn't see your face for almost 6 months already!

At first I kinda hesitate to put up my photos because I didn't make up that night+lack of sleep But in the end, I realised that people read my blog is not because of seeing my face. So, there it is :)

SLing, PYi, Yian. Please.don'

Roger Kwok - very hen-sem.

Someone: Take pic of the paper for what?
Yian: What? I like Roger Kwok 1 ok!

Everyone was silent and the next thing I knew, I saw this pile of rubbish in front of me.


Everyone: You like it is? Take take take! You can have it!
Yian: Bully me....

Our drinks.

Malaysia's ver of Roger Kwok Steven Chow.

I feel like slapping your face so badly after seeing this photo la Chin Howe!!!

Offerings for the deceased. Kakakaka...

Yian: Wahahahaha... It looks like offerings for the deceased! And you - the deceased!
CHowe: Ya... And those straws are joss sticks right?

I can't even reply him because I was busy laughing. I love going out with them because they can make me laugh until stomach ache and I don't feel stress when I'm with them :) Going out with certain people can very quite stressful 1 lor T_T

Click for larger image.

Throughout the night, everyone was asking about my July plan and when my farewell party is going to be.

SLing: No need to be so troublesome lah. This shall be your farewell then.
Yian: CANNOT!!!! Cannot cannot cannot! My farewell cannot be so cincai ok! T____T Don't treat me like that.

So evil.

I asked them to pose for the camera but only Steven layan me. Sad.

Steven and Ling came to join us for awhile before leaving with Chin Howe. Apparently they have something to do =S

Siew Ling and Teng.

SLing is so sweet. She still join us yamcha despite her gang of friends are not free to come out. That should be the way! I don't understand why some fellas are only willing to come out provided their close friends are going.

Question is... others are not your friends is it? -_-

SLing.... I love you ok!!! Love you to the max! And please stop bullying me T__T I know I'm cute

Darlings sekalian.

My fav photo! Everyone crammed together ^.^ So nice~

Yee Mei is my bestie back in primary school while Teng is my bestie in secondary school. Come to think of it, Teng, Yee Mei and I were in the same house practice (Helang baby!!!) and we always got teamed up for the 4x100 and 4x200 rally by the teachers.

Those were the days~~

That night, we reminisced the good old times we had back in secondary school and everyone actually do flip back at their photo albums to look at the photos we took together! I thought I was the only joker who did that

Serious pose.

Not so serious pose.

Siew Ling don't want to take pic with them

We fooled around in the middle of the road in ss2 because it's 2am! Not many cars at that time so it's alright :p

Wahahahahaha... Teng, your pose can be the 'Pose of the Year' man...

Since SLing don't want to take pic with the girls, I requested for her to hold the camera while I pose instead

After sending SLing and YMan home, Teng and I reached home around 2.30am and we planned to go hiking the next day as usual. But because we chatted for the whole night, Teng actually requested to give it a pass because she needs to celebrate Mother's Day at her grandma's place later in the afternoon. So, she needs to have sufficient sleep.


Just admit that you are lazy!!!

While Teng was sleeping, I can't sleep at all!!! I hate it when I can't fall asleep! So, I went online using my handphone and looking at the photos taken on the night before. How pathetic! T___T

Teng left around 9.45am and I went out with my family in the afternoon to shop and celebrate Mother's Day~ :) That pretty much explains why I did not blog for the last couple of days right? Anyway, new entry will be up after I come back from outstation ok?

Have a great day ahead!

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