Saturday, May 31, 2008

Genting Trip 2008 - The Smallest Fish Spa

Have you visited to a fish spa before???

Have you seen the fish spa outlet in Bangsar, MV or Tropicana?

Then, you should know how grand, stylish and beautiful a fish spa shop can be isn't it?

You people are lucky because Contagious Laughter is going to show you the smallest fish spa in Malaysia!!!

Scroll down! You know the rule don't you? :p

Older version of Meng Ho. LOL. Joking ok. Joking.


That's a Fish Spa mind you! Guarantee the smallest in Malaysia!!! It's not a mini pond for kids to catch fishes okay. At first I was curious what is that stall doing at the corner of First World and it's so freaking small! What can he sell?

So, you can imagine my surprise when I got to know that it's actually a Fish Spa -_-

Can you see that man in the first photo? LOL. He's really chatty and kept persuading us to try out the fish spa because his business isn't too good lately.

Ok dude. I promote for you a bit ok? His packages include:

a) Fish Spa only for RM18 (10 mins).
b) Fish Spa+Head & Shoulder Massage for RM35. And yes, he'll be the one massaging you! So you better think properly whether to give him business or not

Him: Come lah... Try out the fish spa! Business isn't that good lately. I know you girls are tired from walking and all what right? Then you should pamper yourself by doing fish spa!
Me: Well, if your business is not doing too well, how come your fishes are like, so much bigger and fatter than the normal ones in KL?

Him: Erm... Erm... Usually business is okay but not for today. You see, when I don't have business, I still have to feed the fishes by letting them nibble on my fingers!
Me: Oh... So sad yeah? So sad...

Come my friends. If you are going to Genting for a drink at the Starbucks just like what my friends and I did, do visit that joker because he's really funny and friendly!

But there's a catch.

His fish spa can only accommodate 2 person at a time. Only 2.

Don't say I didn't tell you...

Do you want to see what are the embarrassing things we did in Genting? We sure got a lot of attention from the public I tell you.

p/s - Phan, you can start out your Kokoro Fish Spa like that first before expanding you know :p

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