Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Genting Trip 2008 - Departure

Frankly speaking, I actually thought of not blogging about this short trip of mine with friends on the 15th but sadly to say... I have nothing to blog about!!!!!!!!!!!!


So here I am, blogging about it after procrastinated for almost 2 weeks. Actually the reason for not wanting to blog is because I have waaayyy too many photos to post up and people might complain that the entry is too long ;(

So this brilliant idea came to me. I shall break up the post to 10 entries and each entry will have less than 15 photos all together! How about that? No complain anymore I suppose? Yes, I have funny, pretty and interesting photos to blog about! So please bear with me okay?

Now.... let the blogging marathon begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To my friends who tried guessing where I went 2 weeks ago because I brought a small backpack to college, I have to say, someone had the right guessing! Sorry for not telling you people where I'm going because I think the place is nothing special so, no point telling

A: There are only 2 reasons. Either you are going for a date or casting (because I make-up to college).
B: You looked good with make-up (many have neva seen me in make-up b4 -_-). You must be going on a date.
C: You are going for camping?
D: You are going for a trip? Say... Genting?
E: You are going on a date?

and many more...

Interesting isn't it?

First and foremost, babe, I'm not going for casting lah!!! I wished I'm qualified for casting too Not pretty and slim enough what to do? T____T For others, where got people bring backpack for a date 1?!?!?!?!

To those who guessed camping, I really really really wished to go camping!!!!!! But the question is.... who's willing to accompany me???

Yea man. I went to Genting.

I heard people booing and saying "ceehhhh" T______T Don't la....

Teng got her make-up done in McD! That fella behind kept staring at us when we were in McD.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, the trip was planned extremely last minute. When I went yamcha with my friends, they suggested to go to Genting out of a sudden and the reason given was, "saje go there to relax".

Since it was soooo last minute, the rest can't make it and only 5 of us went. The girls actually wanted to go in the morning but because I have class in the afternoon till 2pm, they all agreed to wait for me T________T I'm so touched. Sorry girls, I can't skip because I'm having my group's presentation paper ;(

Everyone was so excited.

We were suppose to meet at Sentral station by 2.30pm and everyone thought I might be the last to arrive since I got class but luck was on my side, my class ended early and I managed to get Ken to give me a lift to Bangsar lrt station ^.^ Thanks a lot Ken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the end, I was the first to arrive!!! Then followed by Yee Mei, Teng and Cheok+Pui Yi.

Allow me to introduce the characters because you'll be seeing their faces for the next 2 weeks From the photo above, starting from the left is Yee Mei, Cheok Tho and Pui Yi.

This fella no need to intro since she appears regularly in my blog.

Can you see my small red backpack? I have been using that bag since Form 2 (or 3?)!! Damn tahan lasak can? While I was carrying that bag, Teng commented...

"Few years ago, you were carrying this schoolbag with long straight hair. Today, you are still carrying the same schoolbag, but with curly hair..."

It took about an hour for us to reach the Genting Skyway and while the rest were excited, I was freaked out like hell!!!! I've height phobia and it has been a long time since I last took a cable car T____T

1 of my fav group photo.

Friendly Malaysians are everywhere! After seeing Teng taking pic for us, this group of guys offered to take group photo for us without us asking them!!! Thanks!

Since I was the camerawoman that day, I don't have that many photos taken with me inside. But since this is my blog, I cut down on their photos (without me in it) and put up almost all photos with me inside

Sorry Teng. You can put all the photos with your face in it in your blog. LOL.

Welcome to Genting Skyway and XD

Can you see my very freaked-out-face???????? T____T I can't even smile properly.

We were such a bunch of happy girls because we were singing in the gondola!!!

Hahahahaha....I don't know why I only feel comfortable singing in front of them If I don't feel comfortable, I sing like crap. :p

Halfway through the journey, our surrounding started to get misty.

And then became foggy.

(Btw, those fake elephants and tigers are no longer there)

Here we are in Genting!!!

Initially we wanted to ask a worker over there to take a group pic for us but since he was busy, we thought of giving the idea a pass. But right before we leave the place, he volunteered to take for us! Friendly Malaysian... Friendly Malaysian...

Yian: Apa ni? The photo is so blurry!!!
YMei: Erm... Erm... Well, at least I managed to capture the cable car behind!

Stay tuned for more episodes of Yian's Genting trip!

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