Thursday, May 29, 2008

Genting Trip 2008 - Chinese Culture

After feeding ourselves, we walked around First World hotel and kept taking pictures! Actually... I'm the 1 who forced the girls to take picture because since we rarely go on a trip together, we should take more pics as memories! Agree?

Yee Mei looked so funny in the pic.

They complained that they looked very small in the pic -_-

My 1st pic taken with Pui Yi?

I asked them to pretend like they are IN the Snow World.

I looked so stupid in the picture!!!! !@%$#&*

Blurrrr... NG! NG!

Ok nice~

There's this Chinese cultural event happening in First World and since we have so much time to spend, we went to have a look.

"Great Wall of China" -_-'''

View from the top. Just a small part of it only.

He can carve a miniature of you on the spot. He looked very lansee though...

Fortune reading.

Yian: Wah... look at his beard! Macam very can only. (I'm trying to say that he seems to be very accurate in fortune reading with his long beard)
Teng: LOL.

He must be pretty accurate because among so many stalls over there, he got the most people surrounding his place. He don't do palm or face reading but he analyzes your handwriting instead.

I looked tall and surprisingly, slim in the pic XD

I shall end this entry with a group photo of us!

Next entry: You want to see Jay Chou or not??? What about Jolin Tsai, JJ Lin or Rainie Yang??? If you want, just wait patiently ;)

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