Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Genting Trip 2008 - Arrival

After photography session in front of a bunch of tourists waiting to get in to the cable car, we left the place and headed straight to the hotel that we booked - First World Hotel.

On the way... on the way...

Genting has Koong Woh Tong too!!!

Guilinggao (herbal jelly) anyone?
Save your money! I make for you instead ;)

I think Teng loves Koong Woh Tong because she got excited when she saw it -_-''' Teng, you like herbal drinks is it? Ish... that sounds so old la darling +_+

Longest escalator leading to The First World.

The moment we arrived at the lobby, goodness gracious! We were shocked! The place was packed with people despite it's on Thursday!!!!!!

I took pic of the girls while waiting for Pui Yi and Yee Mei to check in.

When they are back, I took their pic too~

Die die also must show my face here although I looked ugly there T____T

Even though Cheok Tho is small in size, never underestimate her! She can finish a can of Pringles by herself!!! Amazing!

It was already 4++ pm and all of us were starving! I had brunch at 11am some more. But we have to wait for more than an hour to collect our room cards before going for early dinner T____T

Finally we got our room at 5.40pm and man, First World memang First World. The room is so freaking small!

The shower and toilet is even worse -_-'''

After "unloading" our luggages bags, we went out straight to hunt for FOOD!!!

Before that, Pui Yi and Yee Mei wanted to withdraw some money (and we thought both of them were so kind to treat us to a meal +_+ That's the purpose of withdrawing money isn't it?). Just in case you are wondering, Mei is pretending to be a robber, trying to rob Pui Yi's money -_-''''

Teng is just slightly taller than Cheok.

I think this picture looks very nice :)

We had our dinner at Kenny Rogers because Yee Mei said the price is reasonable and tasty.

Teng & Cheok.

Mei & Yian.

Sorry. Missed out Pui Yi =p

It's amazing I can still remember which dish belongs to who considering that I have absolutely "good" memory.

I wish I can remember about what I've studied instead of this rubbish.T___T

Do we looked like we enjoyed our meal very much? WRONG!!!!

Frankly speaking (Kenny Rogers please don't sue me), the chicken tasted horrible!!!!! It was so hard and small. The mushroom sauce is a little too watery as well.

Yian: The chicken has shrunk!!! So small 1???
Teng: So hard la the chicken! I wonder how long the chickens were kept frozen.
Pui Yi: No... it should be, how long the chicken died!!!

Wahahahahahaha.... Damn true Pui Yi, damn true.

As for my fruits as side dish, I can even calculate how many pieces of kiwi, pineapple, watermelon and honeydew inside! Best joke of all is, there are only 1 piece of kiwi (very expensive that's why) and 2 pieces of pineapple.

Super kiamsiap.

Next entry I'll show you Chinese cultural stuff. Stay tuned.

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