Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Facial Treatment in My Life

I'm in absolutely good mood today!!!!


I had the first facial treatment in my 20 years of life baby!!!!

Best of all? It's FREE!

I got a free full facial treatment courtesy of Modern Beauty :)

Modern Beauty @ Damansara Uptown.

Frankly speaking, despite living in PJ, I never like driving over to Uptown on weekdays because the parking is nothing but terrible!!!!! People just double park everywhere! But oh well, since I got a free facial, I drove the Serena out secretly without telling my dad~

I arrived at 11am sharp after spending half an hour turning round and round looking for a car park. When I went in, I was greeted warmly by the pretty staffs there and they knew I was Ms Wong! -_-''' When I was inside, I thought I was in Bali!!! The interior is all Bali inspired. Really cosy and relaxing with sweet I-don't-know-what scent.

I was assigned to a staff called Ting and the first thing she did was registering my name, get to know my skin type and what I'm allergic to. She's not just friendly but pretty as well! After registering my details, I was ushered to the 1st floor to begin my facial treatment ^.^

By the way, my treatment is called Aqua Spa Facial.

I entered into a small room and she asked me to take off my clothes and wrap myself with a towel. Suddenly I kept getting people asking me to take off my clothes. Fine, I don't have to take out my undergarments which is not too bad.

Here are the process of my facial:-

Aqua Spa Facial
1) Ting washed my face, massaged it a little before applying a layer of I don't know what.
2) She used a machine to exfoliates the dead skin cell on the surface of my face. I can feel a HUGE difference before and after!!! My skin immediately became so even and smooth!
3) She washed my face again, applied a layer of toner and massaged my face.
4) Armed with a blackhead remover in hand, she squeezed out all my blackheads, whiteheads and pimples! Worst of all, it took her about 15 minutes but it felt like 15 years to me!!!! So damn freaking painful!!!!!!!!!! T_______________T
5) Cleansed my face, applied an aqua mask and left it for 10 mins.
6) She trimmed my eyebrow which is so fabulous because coincidently, I need to get my eyebrow trimmed. Now, I got it for free!
7) Applied another type of mask (which is super cold) on my face and left it for another 10mins.
8) While waiting, she massaged my hands, shoulder and head. It's so soothing and relaxing that I almost fell asleep.
8) Removed the mask, massaged my face, head and my back.
9) Washed my face.
10) Applied toner and moisturising gel.


The whole process takes about 1 and the half hour.

Now I understand why Florence enjoys doing facial because you can see immediate results after the first visit. My face is as smooth as tau foo fah now!!!

Oklah... Maybe not tau foo fah because I still have a bit pimples on my face T_____T But I'm glad that I don't have whiteheads and blackheads on my face anymore ^.^ I kept touching my face now because it felt sooooo smooth and soft. But damn those pimples =.=

I find it funny when Ting asked me whether I've done any facial before and I told her 'No'. She thinks it's bad that I, as a girl, I don't take care of my skin. Then, she proceeded to ask what skincare brand I'm using and I told her that I just wash my face everyday with a cleanser, without applying toner and moisturiser.

You really have to see the expression that she gave me I tell you. So funny!

I'll be going back there again somewhere in June/July because it's really good! Anyhow, thank you so much for the free facial treatment ya~ :)

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