Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Whoa! I was knocked out yesterday night!

Very early in fact.

It's all because I...

Didn't sleep the night before + exam early in the morning + shopping in Ikea, Cineleisure, Ikano and Curve + watching drama = Low battery.

About my exam yesterday, as usual, I did not finish the paper

Super stress ok? And so, my dad bought me and my brother a McFlurry each (to make us feel happier). You might ask, what does it got to do with my brother? Apparently, he's still mourning over Arsenal's match on Sunday night that they lost 2-1 to Man U.

Saje want to eat then say lar! Apa ni sad over Arsenal's match that's why have to eat McFlurry!!! -_-'''

Since I've finished 1 subject yesterday and refused to stay at home due to the fact that I hadn't been to any shopping malls for 2 weeks, I dragged my brother to Ikea with me ^.^ Because I got things to buy from there ma.

Die lor. Salary almost going to finish and I still haven't stock up on any cosmetics yet Teng... I'm waiting for your donation on this Saturday ok?

And here's a conversation between my bro and I that I would like to share =)

Yian: Dude... Last time I said I'll name my dog Tomato right (if I get to have 1)? Now I don't want Tomato already! I've got a better name!
Brother: What is it?
Yian: Smelly. I'm going to name him Smelly!!! Such a cute name right? Agree? Agree??
Brother: Smelly?
Yian: Yes. Smelly ^.^
Brother: <- And he remained that facial expression for a good 10 secs before ignoring my randomness of the day.

I didn't know shopping with my brother could be fun also! Except that he kept complaining he's tired and his legs are breaking -_-

Yesterday, out of a sudden, my dad said that he'll buy me two 8G pendrive and a new external hard disk simply because he thinks my current 4G pendrive and 320G external has too little
space!!! Of course I declined on the spot! Why want to waste money unnecessarily?

Seriously, what's wrong? What's happening? It that a sign of tsunami?

I didn't do anything wrong also -_-''' I'm very scared now ok.

p/s - Teng, can you reply people's comment in your blog or not? Grrrr...

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