Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Pleasant Surprise!

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Oh my God x 100,000,000,000,000!!!!!!

I'm extremely happy today! Guess what I found outside of my room door the moment I woke up (from afternoon nap) today?

Omg! Could it be.... could it be..... could it be... ?

My precious baby.
My daddy went to PC Fair today to get me a brand new camera!!!!

I tell you, my dad is very cheeky lah! In order to give me a surprise, he didn't go to work today (I hope his boss is not reading this) and went early to PC Fair just to buy me this. He didn't want to tell me the purpose of him going there and I'm surprised because he's never interested with the latest gadgets and all.

Cutest part is where he placed it in front of my door to give me a surprise!!!

(For the choice of colour, I guess my family members always associate me with the same colour in my 20 years of life -_-)

Now I have to pass my 1-year-old Samsung to my younger brother since my elder brother already got himself a brand new camera in Australia. I'll miss you Samsung turtle!!!! Really!

Thank you so much for your service in this short period of time. Although it's only a year but you've helped me to capture over thousands of pictures for me to keep as memories.

You are good. Just that you are a bit too slow although you are more expensive than my new Olympus FE-320! (He's worth RM899! That further proves that expensive doesn't mean it's good)

Another picture of my baby.

I didn't know that the conversation I had with my father yesterday will lead him to buy me this!

Dad: What did you see in PC Fair?
Yian: I went to test all the cameras only because I already have a laptop.
Dad: Got any good cameras in the market now?
Yian: Well, I think Olympus and Canon's latest model are quite good. Olympus is priced at RM699 while Canon is Rm999. Both with freebies. But it's more worth it to buy Olympus considering that both shared almost the same features, but RM300 cheaper.
Dad: I see. But both also less than 1k. Price also ok what...
Yian: -_-''' Expensive ler dad that Canon. Get to test already very happy <-Super good innocent tactic to use! =p

And tadaa~~ I got this the next day! I'm such a lucky girl!!!

Dad said initially he wanted to get me the Canon one thinking that more expensive means better quality (Phan's thinking. Hahaha) but my uncle who went with him (IT expert) agreed with me that Olympus is good enough. Not worth paying extra RM300 for the same thing.

No words can describe my excitement now! And I promised I won't change to another camera after a year Promiseeeee~~

p/s - Apparently, my mum isn't too happy with my dad giving in to my request because I use the same tactic all the time!! 4 out of 5 times my dad will give in and this time, it costs him Rm699 -_-''' Die. Mummy beh song already.

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