Friday, April 11, 2008

PC Fair, April 2008

I'm seriously not really good with computers nor anything related to the latest gadgets.

But I have no idea why I'll go to PC Fair every freaking years.

Many years back, I followed my brother and his friends to PC Fair to check out the latest stuff and somehow until today, although my brother no longer go to every PC Fair (he said going 3 times a year is insane T___T), a part of me have the urge to go there even though I have nothing to buy.

I usually go there to look at the latest pendrive and mouse
And buy blank CD-Rs.

So, I went to PC Fair today with my college friends because they wanted to buy laptop, backpack and camera to bring over to Australia in July. I happily tagged along despite having exam on Monday and have yet to touch the book -_-'''

Since the poor me don't have a car to drive to KLCC Convention Centre, I took lrt and met up with Sylvia at Sentral station before heading over. We are suppose to meet up with the rest by 1030 and since we didn't receive any call from them, we thought we arrived early and went for a walk around.

Sylvia used to work for Petronas and therefore, she's pretty familiar with the place. So, she brought me around and suggested to go to the skybridge because I've never been there before.

(I admit I'm a tad nervous at first because I'm afraid of heights. But since I've been to the KL Tower many years ago, I believe I should be fine :p)

However, I don't have luck today because the time slot for us to visit was 4.45pm! So late!!! That's why we were forced to give up the idea in the end T___T

Lady: May I know which country are you from?
Yian: Erm... Erm... Malaysia?
Lady: Hahahaha.... I see I see....

Damn jakun lor. She thought we both were tourists. And automatically chatted with us in a mixture of English and Malay. No doubt that she's really friendly. That should be the way!

Still thinking that we were early, we went out of KLCC to take picture around ^.^ But after awhile, Sylvia gave a call to Jordan and were so surprised to know that they have already arrived long time ago and were having their breakfast!

Joined Sim, Jordan, Phan and May Yoong at the food court and about 15mins later, Siu Fai came to join us and we walked over to the convention centre.

Every year PC Fair sells the same thing and surprisingly, there aren't that many people today based on my years of experience of coming to PC Fair! Well, maybe because it's Friday today =)

Still, I'm very happy today because I met a few friends from college and high school!

And Phoebe (for sure she'll be working for every PC Fair) was so cute and said, "Wah.... Every PC Fair for sure will see you hor?"

I shy la.

(Xiu Yuan... How dare you lost my number??? Want to die is it? Btw, I bumped into Zi Lam and Ming Shing too ;) And even Evelyn that I got to know from DSA job too!)

The purpose of Sylvia, May Yoong and Jordan coming to PC Fair is to scout for laptop and 3 of them managed to get what they wanted. While the purpose of me going is to test out as many cameras as possible including 2 models that I've been eyeing for months!

Test only. Not going to buy because my Samsung camera is only a year old.

The first model that I tested - Olympus FE-320 (RM699+freebies)

I have been waiting to test this latest model ever since I saw the advertisement in The Star and thankfully, it did not disappoint me. I'm not going to write the functions and all. You can view the link given above.

Another model I'm interested in - Canon Digital IXUS 80 IS (RM999+freebies)

I have always been a fan of both the brand above because of the good reviews I heard all these while. Last time I used to be pretty good with handphones (influenced by my brother) but now I'm good with cameras instead

Here are my personal opinions on the models above:-

1) Both models shared almost the same functions. So, I'll give both the same rating.
2) Olympus is much lighter than Canon and the design is more stylish too because I find that Canon's design is a bit too square-ish.
3) Canon has more colours to pick from.
4) Olympus has a lighter shade of pink while Canon has a darker pink.
5) Night shot for Olympus is slightly slower than Canon's (but 101% not as slow as my Samsung turtle)
6) Canon takes slightly better photo quality than Olympus.
7) Olympus has more attractive features.

All in all, based on my experience and knowledge on cameras, I would recommend the Olympus FE-320 and think it's not worth to buy an overly expensive camera because just like handphones, it will get out-of-date and price will drop pretty quickly. Imagine, there are new cameras coming out every few months with better features and higher megapixels. How to keep yourself up-to-date?

Really, no point getting an expensive camera. Not that the quality will be better anyway (except for DSLR). Be a smart consumer ;)

Each of the girls got this bag and Sim thought it looks like a shopping bag -_-'''

I seriously wanted a new camera T_____T But I think it's almost impossible because my dad just got me the Samsung camera last year.

Yian: I want a new camera!!!!
Phan: Ask your dad to buy for you lah...
Yian: Quite impossible because my Samsung camera is just a year old =( I bought it last year.
Phan: No wonder! You change camera like changing handphone only. Hahaha...

At least not as often as changing underwear lor =x

Last but not least, here's an amazing photo taken...

Maciam tourists only!

Can see our face or not?

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