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Nike This is Love Event + Behind the Scene

I've changed the previous entry's photo because I think the new one looks more mysterious ^.^

(Warning: 189 photos ahead!!!)
Kidding la. 51 photos only.

So... here it is! The long awaited entry on my job last month. As I've mentioned before, Nike This is Love Event was held at APAC and come to think of it, this was my second time working in APAC.

The first time was the Defense Services Asia exhibition, which is Asia's Largest Exhibition and World's 2nd Largest. This time is working for Nike, Malaysia's biggest women-only party.

Seems like I always worked for exclusive events -_-'''

Being the crew, we (Mayy, Yhui, Angela, Sylvia and I) were asked to arrive at the venue by 2pm.

Huge poster for people to camwhore at the entrance.

Upon arrival, we were given a Nike top (free one of course!) to change to and were given job to do. The rest of the girls were asked to pack the goodie bags while the 5 of us volunteered to work at the backstage with KJ.

Only crews can gain access to the backstage ;)

We thought it would be some easy job but little did we know that we were suppose to carry really really heavy chairs and tables from the kitchen area all the way to the tents at backstage! T____T

I think I have built up bigger muscles than Timmy's.

Make up artists, manicurists and hairstylists.

Basically we just have to carry all the tables and chairs available to the 2 tents located at the back of the stage, which is the contestants and staffs' tent respectively. The tables may seem light, but actually it's not =.='''

And because I'm working, I left my camera in my handbag. That's why photo quality below is pretty bad. Harap maaf...

Everyone is working hard for the event.

The event kicks off at 5pm sharp and to my surprise, there were already huge crowd waiting at the entrance as early as 3 something! I guess they are really desperate for the goodie bags and thus, wanted to be among the first 500 at the door.

May Yoong and I were in-charged of the VIP registration and everything was fine (there were SO many medias photographing us and for the 1st time in my life, I felt like a superstar ^.^) initially, but wasn't for long.

The next thing I knew, I was being told that people were helping themselves with the goodie bags meant for the VIPs simply because all 500 goodie bags for the public have been given out. The first thought that came to my mind was.... WTF?????

You see, 200 goodie bags were placed on the floor behind the VIP registration counter and because it wasn't guarded, latecomers who were ultra kiasu actually helped themselves with the goodie bags without asking!

Therefore, I was placed at the back to take care of those bags while May Yoong has to check for the name list, do the tagging and pass the VIP tags to people all by herself.

She was unable to manage all by herself and I'm unable to help her because I have to take care of the bags, answer publics' enquiries and pass the goodie bags to VIPs who walk in. So, guess what happened in the end?

There was this bunch of morons who actually stole those VIP tags that were placed on the table without May Yoong knowing it!!!!
I saw them doing it!


May Yoong did chased after them but unable to get them to return the tags. And those securities saw but they did nothing to help. Just standing there makan angin only -_-

Before writing this entry, I googled about this event (I got do homework 1 ok! :p) and I'm lucky enough unlucky to stumble upon this moron's blog and he openly admitted that he's smart to steal the tags to enter, together with his friends.

By the way, he exaggerated on some parts in his blog which made me question his integrity +_+

Alright. Enough of ranting. This is a happy blog ^.^

By the way, here's a question for my college friends!
"Who do you think Angela looks like?"


"Do you think she looks like someone that we knew?"

Answer: She is Ken's sister!!!

Gosh! From the photo above, I think both of them look alike lor!

The girl on far right is very pretty right?

We only managed to take photos with 3 out of 20 girls who worked under Tsu Lynn.

Wahahaha... is this your first time seeing me in red t-shirt??? Sylvia thinks I look good in red and because of that, I'm more determined to buy more red shirts in future! *Isk* Vain *Isk*

The girl on far left look very sweet right?

According to Tsu Lynn, we can actually off from work after 8pm and by 8.20pm, we happily and excitedly walked in to the event hall with camera in hand ;)

(Thanks to Ryan for the photos! I was working and thus, unable to take pic of the event. When I'm finally able to, the event is almost drawing to the end)

So, are you ready for the tour?

Very cool entrance.

The walkway leading to the hall was covered with black cloth on both side and it's freaking dark.

This is seriously how it looks like in real life. Super cool right?

After passing through the entrance, there are a few activities for the ladies to try out. Well, it's all about sports so.... just sweat it out!!!

Pole dancing if you want to feel sexy.

Ryan took quite a few pics on this. So, I believe this is his favourite part of the event =P

Super sexy ok!

I'm amazed that there are many girls who are willing to learn/try out pole dancing. I thought most of them would be as conservative as our country =x

At an event like this, marketing is a must.

From an entry that I read from earlier, she mentioned that Nike used real models to model their apparels (standing there like a mannequin), which is a pretty refreshing idea!

Kickboxing if you want to sweat/ kick ass/ release stress and etc.

Women in this new era must be tough!

Wall climbing for the adventurous you.

I can never do this because I'm really afraid of heights T______T
I'll die in 5mins time.

Pamper area to make yourself look more beautiful.

Manicure, hairstyling and make-up - all for free!!! That's why the queue was so long~

Look at the crowd!

People were waiting to hit the dance floor.

She looked so cute :)

Ai Yung is one of the contestant for the College Fitness Challenge from HELP. But she didn't win though =(

-_-''' Poser betul...

Finally, people were allowed to enter!

2 emcees welcoming all the ladies.

Photo take from the VIP area because guys weren't allowed on the dance floor.

The emcee whom we got to take pic with after the event ended.

Impressive crowd!

After our job at the registration, we immediately came in and were soooo lucky to catch the fashion show where Tsu Lynn did the catwalk! I was standing far behind and thought Ryan might have taken a few pics of TLynn doing the catwalk but he didn't.

Too bad~

I think so lah...

Red lightings.

We have female DJ spinning the table that night and damn, she's really good!

Blue lightings.

Look at how she got the crowd moving!!!

Sorry people... It's time to look at our faces again.

Yung Hui, Yian, Choon Ming.

Standing position: Do-Re-Mi.

Me with the guys. I just got to know Ryan on that day ^.^'''

2 lucky guys got invited by Tsu Lynn as special guests! Yes, they get to cuci mata by looking at thousands of girls dancing for hours.

You know what? Nike people doesn't allow us to keep the tags!!! They took it back! T____T

He's giving me the charm bracelet.

Did I mention that the charm bracelet given is very very very very very nice??? But we (crews) were not given a single goodie bag and I was soooo disappointed for not having the bracelet. So, Choon Ming oferred to give me the bracelet but I did not accept =)

I have no reason to accept it right? We cannot be greedy 1 ma. So, we posed to take photo only :p Like that I'm very happy and contented already! ;)

Aiya. Super regret for not accepting it! Hahaha...
Joking only ok.

People from Fitness First doing body jam.

And everyone followed.

Imagine... thousands of females working out together...

Picture with our mamasan XD

And suddenly 2 gentlemen requested to take pic with us.

I know my face looked freaking retarded -_-''' Get over it already!

2 lucky guys.

All the contestants of the College Fitness Challenge.

After loitering around the place for a while, we decided to leave because we cannot work out so, no point watching people enjoying themselves =(

But before that, we made a pit stop to take picture! Hahahaha....

She's super friendly for sure.

Yung Hui, Angela and Sylvia were very interested in pole dancing.

But they didn't get to learn in the end because that lady has something to do. And so, I took the opportunity to pose!!!

Shouldn't have stand so straight +_+
At least I can deceive people that I tried pole dancing before

Hey! They are real human modeling for Nike This is Love t-shirt ok!

For some reason, I think all of us looked very short in this picture

After having lots of fun camwhoring, we went back to our crew room to take more pic! This time, with another group of girls ^.^


Crossed leg.

May Yoong, you seriously looked very casual in your 3/4 jeans!

Red vs Pink.

Guess who took all the group photos for us!

Hahaha... KJ

Everyone likes to bully KJ lor.

The whole scene was so freaking hilarious!!!

And the guys forced asked me to take pic for them again and again with different poses Terrible...

Don't you dare to mess with us.

I like this picture a lot!!! Macam so cool sial... ^^

Then, the girls wanted to take pic with KJ (since he's from HELP too) and I went to ask him. In the end, the whole bunch of guys were teasing us and asked why I only want to take pic with him

Lucky him! Hahaha... Look at him! He's refraining himself from laughing!

Usually I hug or get really close when take pic with guys but heck.... I don't dare to do that to him -_-''''

Picture perfect!

I really like this picture. So nice ler~~

And she's really really friendly. Though I don't know her name =x

I'm so brave. I asked all the guys to take pic with us =P

Then out of a sudden, a few people came and took pic of us. I have no idea why nor who they are but really, many people took pic of us that night

While reading some blogs, I can even see my face in there +____+

Anyway, here's the last photo of the day....

The security guard took this pic too far away, hence, cannot see our Nike shoes properly.

Picture taken while waiting for my dad to pick us up because Angela parked her car at my house. And since our dinner was just some finger food, we went yamcha after that at a place near my to house

A very happy day indeed =)

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