Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Usual Weekend

Yesterday I went out (last minute confirmation actually. Will blog about it later) to celebrate Jordan's birthday in Mid-Valley and he treated all of us to a cup of coffee at Coffee Bean after the dinner.

I ordered Ice Blended Mocha because I love coffee! ^.^

In fact, I'm a caffeine addict 2 years ago that I need at least 2 cups of coffee daily and every morning, you'll get to see a can of coffee in my hand coming to class. However, I've already cut down on coffee now.

Reason? I don't want my teeth to get stained -_-

And knowing that I'll be having a long day today, I forced myself to bed at 4.30am! But, thanks to the mocha that I had yesterday night, I went to sleep at 10am (yes, you read that right!) and woke up at 11.30am to be my brother's chauffeur T____T

What a torture.

Cut the crap - Teng, Florence and I went to The Curve, Ikano, Cineleisure and Ikea to shop.

Mission of the day:-
  • Buy storage boxes from Ikea.
  • Buy heels.
  • Buy mascara/foundation.

Got lots of things to buy but too pokai already T_T

To our horror, the jam leading to Curve was terrible - leaving the 3 of us clueless on what's happening!!! The usual 15 mins drive from my house became 55 mins in the end.

If you are a regular to The Curve area, you should know that the road from One Utama was closed/blocked isn't it? So the question is, why are there so many cars coming from that way???


Can you see how these desperadoes cross????

This is what I call 'breaking the rules ala Malaysian style'.

And do you want to know why there are sooooooooooo many people today?

Here's the answer.

There was this new traffic summons payment counter being launched in The Curve and all these people came to pay their summonses. Half of the road was closed because of the launching event! Now, we know the reason behind the massive jam.

From the first and second photo, if they are breaking rules to pay up their summonses, well, isn't that like.... breaking more rules?

The queue was insane! I have no other better word to describe it.

While I took the photos above, I was so worried that people will scold me because it is nothing to be proud of and so unglam of them queuing to pay up their summonses

Since I was the only joker who's so daring to take out my baby to snap their pic (and they knew I was taking their pic), I told Teng that I mustn't post this in The Star because they'll know that I'm the one -_-'''

(name will be published -> google -> my blog -> die).

Oh! Did I mention about Teng and Florence's dressing today????????????

Gorgeous!!!! She bought her boots from Korea some more.

So pretty!!!! Mini skirts some more.

And me.........

I definitely won't be a homemaker in future! That's so not me.

I felt so cheated because I have no idea that both of them wore so prettily lor! Pity me T___T

That was my usual dressing to college some more. Actually I'm quite lazy to make up and dress up due to the lack of sleep.

We have fantastic dinner today! ^.^

Surprisingly, since the 3 of us don't usually hang out together in Ikano, but we knew about this restaurant beforehand and decided to give it a try.

The Steamboat - Ketam Village.
Sense something is amiss?

It's amazing how they combined the word ketam (Malay) and village (English) together. This is what I call fusion When East meets West.

And we have an individual pot each.

I think it's less fun because the real meaning behind eating steamboat is to cook the food together with others. Now, we cook the food individually -_-

But no doubt, it's worth the experience =)

It was 6.40pm but the place was already packed with people! So, we have no choice but to sit at a very "strategic" place where passerby get to see what we eat

I'm very sleepy. She's very happy.

Teng's happy because we got her a handbag ;)

Outcast. But she don't care because she's so hungry.

We started off with a set meal for 2 because we were afraid that we might not be able to finish portion for 3 person.

Teng and Florence both can't take anything that is too spicy, therefore, they selected clear soup as their choice.

Teng commented that the soup is a little bland at first but after a few rounds of cooking, it tasted fantastic!

I on the other hand, love anything that is spicy. So, my choice is of course the tomyam soup =)

The soup was fantastic! It's really spicy and sour enough for my liking. But after a few rounds of cooking, it became extremely salty -_-

Besides the fantastic tomyam soup, I must also praise their chili sauce!!!

It's freaking nice can????

They have 2 types - the green and red chili paste. I believe that the green 1 is made from cili padi because it is extremely spicy. I didn't know at first and I mixed lots of green and red 1 together. Imagine how spicy I had today because the tomyam soup is already very spicy compared to the usual ones you had outside.

But I can stand it and am loving it ^.^
Pimples will be popping out like mushrooms after rain T_T

We ordered another individual set because none of us are full! Hahahaha...

It's because whenever we hang out together in 3 and if we dine in BarBQ Plaza, for sure a set for 2 is more than enough for us. However, the portion given here is rather small and we have to order another set =P

You cannot imagine the shocking face that the waiter gave us because we kept asking him to refill the chinese tea and soup for us. Then, additional mee and now, another set meal -_-

It's because.... Florence can really eat! Hahahaha...

We were taking our own sweet time to eat and we were the slowest eater of all! I'm serious. Even people who came after us left before us! And we kept getting stares from a waitress because there was a long queue waiting and obviously, she thinks we eat too slowly.

Actually, the queue was just behind Florence and people were looking at us eating!!!! So memalu-fying especially when they saw 2 set meals on our table! Kids were pretty rude for standing right beside our table to look at our food

Parents should really educate them that it's rude to stare at people eating.

Anyhow, here's a great quote from Florence today...

"You should buy what you like because when you come back to buy next time and it's no longer there, you'll regret."

Such a great quote because I came home with only RM6 in my purse.

The end result.

And I brought more than RM100 out.
My official status now is from poor to bankrupt.

The only mission accomplished was the storage boxes from Ikea

I'm so proud of myself.

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