Monday, April 28, 2008

My Usual Weekend II

Here's another entry on how I spent my weekend with Teng -_-

Seriously lady, if you keep coming to PJ every weekends, eventually I'll need to beg under the Kelana lrt bridge already! (And she says she'll be coming to PJ again next Saturday!)

Well, the reason she came yesterday to PJ last Saturday was purely for the yamcha session with secondary friends and then shun pin crash over at my hotel place. Yamcha was scheduled at night but she came straight after her class (she arrived around 2pm) and we have so much time to spend before the night falls.

So my initial lousy plan was to chit-chat, have afternoon nap together, dinner and then only proceed with our yamcha plan - in order to save cost because we both are broke. But the plan failed and the next thing we knew, we both were making up together and left the house at 4pm! -_-'''

Still... I was so determined on not spending money this time in order to save money!

Fashion show in One Utama. At first I thought the stage is for the MDG finale on Tues. Cis.

We didn't do much in One Utama other than walking around and Teng bought yoga mat for her mum.

For the first time, I successfully restrained myself from spending money! ^.^

She wore my heels! Double cis.

I wore my new top ^.^

Compare my dressing to Teng's. Every time I dressed up nicely for outings, for sure she'll look cincai in her dressing and vice versa. No wonder people say the 'opposite attracts' and that doesn't imply on couples only.

"Cannot see your face lah..."

"Ok, it's better now"

"Wah!!! Cannot cannot! Too dark!"

"Wah.... cannot cannot! My hair tak boleh!"

I heart my CR handbag :)
But it's actually a bit too small for me to put all my stuff inside :(

"Erm... erm... Okla. Acceptable +_+"

Seriously if I still ask Teng to retake for me again, I think she'll slap me already T___T

(By the way, I think I looked quite tall in the photos above! ^.^ Photos can be deceiving. Agree?)

Since our usual yamcha time with secondary friends were always around 11 something, I actually planned to bring Teng to NiuZeXui after dinner but celaka sial, I received a call from Chin Howe that he's coming to pick us up around 9 something.

Another plan ruined =(

Yamcha-ed with Chin Howe (this dude don't allow me to call other friends to join us yamcha -.-), Thian Jeen, Yee Mei, Xiu Yuan and Teng at Tea Time and got to know a new friend named Ah Wai (he is TJ's friend). He's quite good looking I must admit but he has the character that I don't like in a guy. Kakakaka. He lived a few streets away from my house and he even gave me a lift home before leaving to meet his friends! How nice.

For the whole night, we talk a lot about gays and lesbians, gay bars in KL, about our friends wanted to work in Singapore in future and of course, about my plan in July :p Some were quite surprised while some were unhappy that I told them last minute because now it's already April now.

Chill la. Many people still don't know about it 1 ok.

Here's something that you won't believe. That night itself, the guys actually wanted to bring Teng and I to gay bars in KL because both of us have never been to any of those bars before. But we declined and then they kept persuading us to go clubbing instead

With both of us in shorts.
Damn best.

We rejected the idea again and opted to go home because we have to wake up early for hiking on Sunday. Instead of going to bed early, we both chatted and *cough* we both were hungry in the middle of the night.

So, we cooked wan tan hor at 2am and coincidently I have 2 eggs in the fridge, so we boiled the eggs as well ^.^

But our eggs were a major failure I must admit. Teng wanted half-boiled egg but I wanted hard-boiled egg, so Teng cooked her egg for around 6mins and I left my egg to boil a little longer. I actually wanted to cook my egg for 10mins but because I was busy playing with Teng's half-boiled egg, I totally forgotten about mine -_-'''

Teng's half-boiled egg was a failure because she boiled it for too long and so, it seems like 3/4 boiled egg

I kept laughing at her egg.

Drink my milo some more. Sure better than 5-star hotel la.

This girl really treats my house like her own because she knows where all my cutleries and seasonings are and she helped herself without asking me.

I also laughed at her for wanting to use the cheap pepper instead of the expensive one simply because that was the pepper she has been eating all these while <- afraid of changes and not experimental enough = not a good entrepreneur. You need to be more experimental!

I was enjoying myself so much laughing at her until she asked, "Yian... You've forgotten about your egg in the kitchen is it?"

I seriously forgot about it and in the end, my egg was a failure as well T______T


It was Teng's turn to laugh at my egg. I think I placed the egg in the water a little too hard and causes the shell to crack. Thus the ugly looking egg. :(

Seriously, this is the ugliest looking egg I've had. Like UFO only.

Fail 9 9.

Next morning, we woke up at 6.45am to go for hiking and then became my family's chauffeur (my dad went back to Seremban) by sending my mum and brother to Pyramid to shop and then adjourned to One Utama for round 2.

Breakfast after hiking. All our effort went to waste -_- No choice because Teng and I have too many free coupons

By evening I was already half dead because I didn't sleep on the night before and hiking used up most of my energy but my mum and brother were so freaking semangat that day to shop for the whole day!!!

They are trying to kill me slowly T_____T

Anyway, before I end here, Chin Howe, next time don't pay the bill can or not? Every time yamcha with you also you pay. Next time let us treat you instead ok? If not, don't want to yamcha with you already :p Ohya, now only I know that Tea Time is a popular yamcha place as well because I bumped into Sim's bf and he told me that he live in Ampang! o_O Tea in PJ tastes better is it? The petrol is even more expensive than your cup of tea.

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