Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jordan is A Year Older!!! Woohoo~~

Attending Jordan's belated birthday dinner last Friday was seriously a very last minute decision.

Since we were told a day before about the venue and time, I have no transport and therefore, decided to give it a pass. But while I was surfing the net halfway, I got a call from Yung Hui at 6.55pm (dinner at 7pm) and she passed the phone to Ken...

Ken: Wey wey... We are coming to pick you up now.
Yian: What??? Wait wait wait! Why so sudden? So last minute wei...
Ken: What are you doing now?
Yian: Erm... Online?
Ken: Ok la like that. I'm coming now then. Settle.

And guess what? I got my make up done in 7 minutes!!! That includes eye-shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blusher and lipgloss What a record I'd set for myself! Thank goodness I just showered before Yung Hui called me and I actually waxed my hair in 2 mins time ^.^

Still, my hair looks a little messy that day.

I must give credit to Ken who managed to dodge Sylvia's question when she asked who is he bringing and since I'm a special guest (apparently -_-), he managed to answer in such a way (without lying) that he seems to be bringing his gf over.

Mysterious mou?

Dinner at Paddington House of Pancakes, Mid-Valley.

Upon arrival, everyone was quite surprised (I'm not sure they're disappointed or surprised also actually) to see me instead of Ken's gf.

Their menu is so freaking heavy and big - just like those wedding photo album.

To start, of course I must introduce....

the birthday boy, Jordan. ^.^

Since this entry is about his bday dinner, I purposely edit the words in green, following the colour of the jersey he wore that day. Yau yee hei right?

Please don't slap me. I'm too bored while editing photos.

The person who spent the most time asking for recommendation that day.

Gaya. Banyak gaya.

Jordan, in order to let people know that you are the birthday boy that day, I'm going to give you a crown to wear throughout this whole entry. Best or not?

Yung Hui and May Yoong.

For the photo above, I played with my camera function and that explains why the colour is a bit different :p

I'm so skilled in taking photo. I purposely bend down in order to take this pic so that I don't see my reflection in the mirror.

Meng Fai and Yian.

Phan and Meng Fai.

Meng Fai... is that your signature smile?

Sim and Phan.

Yian and Ken.

Special thanks to Ken for coming all the way from Kepong to PJ just to give me a lift!

I think Yung Hui looked damn nice in this photo ^.^

Hot Chocolate.

Don't know what salmon dish.

May Yoong, thanks for offering your salmon to me but I don't really fancy raw stuff =P Still, thanks a lot babe! ;)

I'm not sure this is lamb or steak in the first place -_-''' (Picture taken with Olympus camera)

This is what Meng Fai ordered.

Ken ordered this don't know what beef dish.

Ken complained that he's not full after eating those minced beef. Hahahaha...
Pity him.

Don't know what sausage dish. (Pic taken with Canon)

I personally called this as breakfast set tambah mata kerbau XD

My dish is called Tokyo. (Taken with Olympus)

The sauce for my chicken tasted exactly like bolognese sauce. It's really filling because of the mashed potato but heck, mine don't have any pancakes T_T

Phan is ready to eat but got to pose for the camera first. (Taken with Canon)

Sim act cute. You lose to Chong ok.

Woohoo~ Lucky me.

(When I was browsing through the photos, I realised that many guys' eyes were shut in some of the photos taken! What is this???)

So happy to look at this photo because it's so colourful!


Phan looked damn sexyyyyy....

I promised the waiter that I'll photoshop away his reflection but crap, I don't care!

After taking photos for us, he pointed at Ken and told me that he's ugly.

I gave him a look because I'm surprised why he gave such comment on my friend out of a sudden. Then only I know the reason why after looking at the photos above -_-

Abang... don't say hodoh la can? Say comel....

Stupid light made my hair looked so retarded.




Next stop.... Coffee Bean! <- Actually we went there is because Starbucks was full house.


Choosing our drinks.

(Pic taken with Canon)

(Pic taken with Olympus)

(Pic taken with Olympus - result of shaky hands)

(Pic taken wit Canon)

Who took this photo huh???

Our tauke because he footed the bill. Thank you so much!

There comes Timmy who joined us for the yamcha session only.

Our coffee.


Total amount that Jordan has to pay.

No wonder no eyes see. Toothache already must be! XD

Timmy... your muscles are too big! So scary can?

Since when they both are so close?

Wahahahaha... The feminine side of Meng Fai.

The girls are promoting enjoying their drinks =)

Before we went to get the car, we fooled in front of the premium toilet in The Gardens

Don't study hard then in future you'll become penjaga toilet -_-

And only this photo is allowed to be posted up. Too bad!

Ken's car. So pretty right?

p/s - Vian... If you like good quality photos, opt for Canon ;) But if you don't have shaky hands/prefer bright night shot and light camera (Canon is a bit heavy), Olympus Fe-320 is the best choice. From the photos above, bright ones (and some blurry) are taken with Olympus camera while the rest are from Canon =)

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