Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I Want to Lose Weight!!!

*sigh* If that thought could last more than 10 mins -_-'''

Anyway, sorry about the previous lame entry. I thought I'd be the only fella who'll pull such prank but heck! So many bloggers are doing the same thing!!! People don't fall for the same thing don't they?

Out of boredom, I viewed back the photos of us taken in Langkawi (after reading xx's latest entry) and even read the entries that I wrote back in 2006 (-_- oh my god. LOTS of grammar mistakes. Not going to reedit it =x)! Our trip back then was so adventurous and funny ^.^

(If you are really really bored, you can read it~ *First entry* *Second entry*)

Here are some of the photos that never fail to make me laugh each time I see it.

That time
we are really young and energetic for doing such thing in the middle of the night. 2 years later... all also old already T____T

Everyone has changed isn't it? Hairstyle wise I mean. Maybe except for Sylvia who is still maintaining the same hairstyle. May Yoong's hairstyle at that time makes her looks so sporty and fresh! And Jordan is so chubby last time

I miss my straight hair now

Our entertainer in the room. (Back then he doesn't allow me to post this pic up. But I guess now should be alright already =P)

What a way to sleep.

Everyone was so excited because there are no beaches in KL and PJ.

That was my first and last time seeing MFai in sunglasses. Hahaha... like triad leader only.

Phan, do you need this photo for your business plan? Considered as 'fish spa' also. Just that the fishes here are bigger and fatter

We went up to the Seven Wells for photoshoot.

Waiting for our photoshoot by the amateur photographers - Jordan & Meng Fai

That's all for your entertainment today. I'm still waiting for the photos of the Nike event to reach my hand. Guarantee lots of photos to post up ^.^

Before I end this entry, here's what I laughed at the most.

Sim is like wearing a toupee!!! Photo taken on my 20th bday last year. Sim, thank goodness you've changed your hairstyle now. No more frinch ok?

p/s - seems like MFai is the star of this entry =P

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