Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fact About Yian II

A follow-up to my past entry.

Although you all often see me having stuff in pink, do you know a fact that...

I used to dislike pink?
Serious shit. No kidding.

When I was younger, I used to be very tomboyish and I only like colours like green, blue and black. I like green A LOT up until secondary school! All because I was in Helang (Helang=Hijau=Green) team back in primary school and being an active athlete, I'm very hardcore and loyal to my green house (also because they won every year ^.^).

So much so that I wanted every single thing in green -_-''' And during a major renovation of my house at that time, I wanted to paint my room in apple green! It's really a sweet colour but my mum was against it saying that a girl should have her room painted in pink instead

Hence the colour of my room now.

Besides wanted to have my room painted in green, I always fight with my brother for green towel, green cup, green plate and etcetera. So, in order for me to be more feminine, my mum bought all my stuff in pink (towel, cups, clothes, pencil case,etc) although she knew that I do not like that colour at all - claiming that it's way too girlish for my liking.

But as time passes, I believe my mum's tactic actually worked (Jordan called it as reverse psychology) judging by the amount of pink stuff that I have now.

How smart.