Friday, April 18, 2008

Down the Memory Lane

Vivin chatted with me the 2 nights ago and we both reminisced the good times that we had back in Foundation and how all of us had dispersed to different groups today.

We both really miss the happy times that we used to have.

Come to think of it, I first entered college in 2005 without any friends with me and the first person that I got to know was...

Photo taken early this year. Got to use this photo because I couldn't find any with just the both of us back in 2005 -_-

Lilee. We both remained good buddy till today!

Slowly, our number of friends started to multiply.

Yes. To an all-girls-group.

I really like Shu Ying's facial expression in the photo up until today.

Vivin said that the best memories that she had with us was the rojak trip from college all the way to PJ by taking bus and lrt!

We purposely bring Vivin to taste Malaysia rojak because she's from Indonesia =)

Sweet memory isn't it?

Slowly, thanks to our college's leadership camp, I got closer to Chong's gang and started to spend more time mingling with them.

Chong's gang which comprises of Chong, Timmy, Ashraff, YYoke, Nav and Phan.

Initially we girls didn't click well their gang was because we thought they were very arrogant. But the leadership camp proved otherwise and see how close I am to them now ^.^

Find where Phan is.

Above was a bunch of people whom we were close to back in Foundation before dispersing to our respective majors. Though we all don't usually hang out together that much at that time, but we were close whenever we have classes together.

Since entering Year 1, the group split again to smaller groups (this is inevitable. Quite impossible for you to stick to the same gang throughout your 4 years in college. Hello? You have to mingle around lor please!).

Sim's hair! Wahahaha...

We 4 girls comprises of Li Lee, May Yoong, Yung Hui and I still sticked together with Chong's gang and there comes in Jordan, Sylvia, Ken, Sim, Edward, Tsu Lynn, Siu Fai and occasionally, Ee Lian's gang.

(I did not mention Meng Fai's name is because he already joined us occasionally back in Foundation because of Li Lee)

This is the end result =)

I guess the group will split again from July onwards.

Sim, do you remember how you get into Chong's gang? The first person you got to know was Yung Hui and she introduced you to us girls. Coincidently that day I asked the guys to have lunch with us and from there onwards, the rest is history.

So, YOU owe Yung Hui and I a meal ok!
Don't pretend you didn't read this.

The point of this entry is - mix around and multiply the amount of friends you have in college! That's the good thing about studying in college ;)

(Currently I'm hooked to Gallen Lo's album ^.^ Well, it's an old album with all his TVB songs! I'm lovin' it!!! ^.^)

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