Saturday, April 05, 2008

After such a long time, do you still remember him?

^.^ How are you doing in Taiwan?
(I picked this photo is because I love those coconut trees behind!)

Thank goodness I have photos of him in my folder. If not, I think this person will be deleted from my memory already Anyone still keeping in touch with him? I've totally lost contact with this joker!

Back then when he's still studying in HELP, at least he reads my blog but by now, I doubt so.

Another fella that I've lost contact with T_T

I think our friends are getting lesser and lesser. Worse will be in July -_-'''

And oh! Here's something really cool to share with you people.

Devil vs Angel wings.

Such a cool tattoo don't you think?

So nice!
(Photos taken from DDA)

Seriously, I don't mind getting a tattoo like that (I'm referring to the butterflies, not that wings). But I think at the mean time, my parents don't like this idea =( Too bad....

Yian: Mum... I said what IF, what if I get myself a tattoo?
Mum: No! For what? You already have a lot of piercings, still not lala enough? <- super out of topic lor -_-'''
Yian: I don't want those big ones. Just a small little tiny one wo.
Mum: Then when you are old and your grandchildren question your tattoo, how are you going to answer?
Yian: "Your grandma, me, last time pek yau in Taman Mayang 1" ^.^
Mum: =_=''''

By the way, I'm not getting myself a tattoo ok. Not at the moment.


Happy 21st Birthday to Lee Ting!!!

Sorry for not attending your party @ Laundry because I'm rushing for my assignment T______T And I was being informed pretty last minute by friends +_+ Gomen gomen. Too broke to go out also actually -_-'''

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