Sunday, March 16, 2008

Yet Another Happy Day

Yesterday was another fun outing with my buddie - Teng!

Albeit just the both of us, we shopped in Pyramid for 7 hours and yes, it's tiring but we both were extremely satisfied~ ^.^ Well, Teng asked me out on a date because she would like to hang out with me as much as possible in these couple of months (sounds so les -_-). And Florence was busy with the Matta Fair event, that's why she can't come.

I love to shop in Pyramid a lot.
It's my favourite shopping haven =)
But 1 thing I hate about Pyramid is their parking charges.
Too expensive!!!

So, I asked my dad to give me a lift over so that I can save some money from paying the parking charges! XD Hahahahaha... I like to be driven to Sunway area because I hate to get stuck in the jam with a manual car. Auto car lain cerita la. As predicted, it was pretty jam yesterday along the LDP where cars were moving slowly. And that's when something gross happened.

You know when you got stuck in the jam, you'll either chat with the driver, listen to music or look out of the window right? So, I was talking to my dad till I realised there's a car beside who was going at the same pace as my car (for a long time) and just when I turned to look, that driver smiled and winked at me!!!

The first thought that came to my mind was, GROSS!!!!

Dad: Oh my god... that guy just winked at you
Yian: You saw?
Dad: Of course I saw because he has been looking at you for a long time. Just that you didn't turn to look at him.
Yian: Why didn't you tell me? So gross!!! Ewww... yucks!!
Dad: Because I didn't know he's so brave to do that in front of me.

Indeed! How brave of him to do that to a girl in front of her father??? You idiot. Cis. I need eyemo to cleanse my eyes!!! Even after he has winked at me, he still keep driving at the same pace as my car. Now, that's scary!

Anyway, skip that part. Met up with Teng and headed straight to cinema and thank goodness she booked tickets in advance because the cinema was packed with people!!! (Partly I was happy is because I've never tried the new cinema in Pyramid before =P Jakunnnnn...)

Both of us wanted to watch this desperately...

Ah Long Pte Ltd.

I support all Jack Neo's movies 1 ok!!! And my personal opinion on this movie is.... it's extremely nice and hilarious lahhhhhh!!!!! Quickly buy ticket and watch it! No regret ok because I was laughing from the start till the end of the movie ;) By the way Phan, the 'pretty' young girl that you talked about last time, don't put high hope on her ok? She's not so.... erm.... she looked very ordinary only. Seriously. But her acting is fantastic for someone of her age.

We both shopped before movie and to be honest, I kept telling myself that I'm NOT going to shop no matter what! But I succumb to the temptation because I didn't shop for a single thing for 2 months plus already!!! (stupid sales all around!) After movie, we went for dinner at Ajisen Ramen and to my surprise, the food there is good!!! o_O

The price is reasonable and the food is simply fabulous and while I'm writing this, I feel like going back there to eat again *drool*

After our dinner, we *cough* continued to shop again. -____________-''''

In the end, I bought a pair of jeans, some cosmetics and a top. In total, I've spent close to RM200 in 7 hours T_______T Money gone~~~ My own money ok! But I still feel very satisfied with my purchases because the jeans is on sale! What a bargain!

Anyway Teng, I'm glad that you liked the jeans that I got for you (as your birthday present ;) Of course I must buy separate present for you!) Now I just need to get another birthday present on Florence and YMan's behalf.

Don't worry girls, not enough money I'll chip in =)

I brought my camera along but we didn't take a single pic at all because we weren't in the mood. And Teng kept asking me these questions:

Teng: How come you didn't make up properly ar? So light 1? (I just applied eyeliner and mascara) Where's your falsies? I thought you might wear it today! I thought I got the wrong person just now.
Yian: Lazy ler. Not in the mood to make up lately.
Teng: Oh!!!!!!!!!! My outing is not important la is it? Huh? Huh?? Huh???
Yian: T____T I... I... I...
Teng: How come your hair is so messy today? Usually very nice 1 wo.
Yian: Maybe I didn't sleep properly yesterday that's why. And lazy to tidy it up.
Teng: Oh!!!! Again outing with me is not important la??? That's why lazy right? Make up also cincai.. Hair also messy... I'm not important la now... Huh? Huh?? Huh???

See! I told you earlier that her manja skill is very good isn't it? Hahahaha... People got bad hair day 1 lor ah moi! Not enough sleep on the night before some more. Have some mercy on me!=P

I'm broke again. Tomorrow eat in Rotiman as lunch can or not? Please??? Tolong la... T___T

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