Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pretty girl pics!

Don't worry. I don't mean my photos so don't close this page so quickly.

I've finished yet another drama 3 days ago but I'm so lazy to come online yesterday XD Now, I'm proud to say that this will be my all-time-favourite drama!!!!

Korean drama - Kopi Prince.

I always watch drama alone in my room (either from laptop or dvd player) and when I'm watching sad drama/movie, I'll just cry out without holding back knowing that nobody is watching me (unless it's those thing -_- ultimate choi!). However, whenever I watch comedy show alone, I usually don't laugh much because how funny can it be to be laughing alone in your room?

Parts where people find it funny, I find it so-so only. That's why I always drag my brother along to watch together so that I'll laugh more! How pathetic.

HOWEVER.... Coffee Prince is exceptional!!! ^.^ This is the first drama ever in my life where I was laughing non-stop from the start till the end of the drama. It's freaking hilarious can???? I laughed in all the episodes!

Worse of all? I always laugh in the middle of the night =_=''''

Finally, my dad broke the silence and asked me on the way to college 1 day...

"How come I always hear laughter coming out from your room around 3-5am??? Is it you or I'm hearing things??? "

*cough* *cough* It's me ler.... -_-''' I takde bela toyol ok!

Can you see that guy on the right??? His name is Gong Yoo and I loveeeeeee him to the max after watching the show!!!!! He's SO funny, SO cute (when he smiles and all his cheekiness), SO tall (184cm), SO macho (hot bod!), SO cool and the list goes on....

Actually the character that he portrayed in the Coffee Prince, Han Kyul, is my perfect dream guy lor! Loyal, dare to love and best of all - humorous!!!!!

Yea... you might say if I like humorous guy, I might as well pick a clown right? Cannot! I find clowns are scary with thick make up. Scary T_____T

By the way, Gong Yoo is 29 years old this year. Don't you think guys around that age only can be called as a MAN? Like Wu Zhun and Lee Hom? Aren't they charming???

Sorry to all my guy friends for listening to me drooling over Gong Yoo. Hahaha... Cannot control myself. Fine, time to show you leng lui photos ok?

This is Yoon Eun Hye.

She actually chopped off her locks a week before filming CP because she's suppose to look like a boy in the show!

Question: Does she looks like a boy to you? Many people thought she was a boy O_O

But she's actually very very beautiful~

Tadaa~~ Gorgeous mou???

Now guys, start targeting those tomboyish girls because they can be very pretty after some makeovers XD Wilber isn't good looking too when he was young. But look at him now! ^.^

Showing her maternal instinct.

Seriously if I'm rich, I don't mind adopting since I love babies a lot =) But too bad, the reality is always cruel T____T

Anyway, if you are too bored, do give Kopi Putera a try because it is seriously hilarious and romantic~~ (don't girls just love it?) But guys can watch too!!! And learn some tips from there! Most of all, learn from Gong Yoo where he dare to love Eun Hye at all cost. Don't get what I mean? Watch it then you'll know =P

This is what I call true love.

Currently watching Romantic Princess! T_____T I don't need to do assignments already!

Teng... I've been considering bout your suggestion on double date. I don't mind actually! XD So, you bring yours and I bring mine? Problem is, I don't know who to bring!!! -_-''' I don't want to bring....him. So, I'll bring a friend along then. Ask Florence too!!!! Hahaha... Triple date! Sounds fun~ ;)

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