Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nirvana Revisited

Today is my second time carrying out Cheng Beng activities since my grandpa passed away 2 years ago.

(Last year's Cheng Beng entry *click*)

Knowing that many people will be going to Nirvana today for Cheng Beng, my dad actually suggested to leave PJ at 6am to beat the traffic but my relatives all proposed the time 7.30am instead simply because their kids cannot wake up THAT early. Yealor... all those princes and princesses. -_-'''

And to my horror.... the jam was the worst in my history lor!!!

Usually it takes only 45mins for us to reach Nirvana from PJ but today it took... T__________T

a freaking 4 hours plus!!!!! My butt was aching, hungry because of no breakfast, weather was hot and lack of sleep made me super duper grumpy lor. In order to so-call-cool-myself-down, I listened to songs from my hp (blast loud loud some more!) and take pic around.

Doesn't work. Still very grumpy =P

BN is so proud.

Truth is, Semenyih area is taken over by Keadilan now. Of course lah! From PJ to Semenyih, we have to pass through 6-8 tolls and even short distant also charge us RM1!!! All thanks to Samy Vellu.

Global warming wei!!

I thought we were bad luck enough to get stucked in the jam for long hours, the worse has yet to come. When we were about 3km away from Nirvana, my dad's car broke down out of a sudden The Serena broke down! In the middle of the road!

I was telling my mum that the other drivers must be cursing us already for contributing to the jam.

First, a man (villager who lived around that area) in motorbike stopped by to helped my dad to check the car and helped to direct the traffic. Then comes a policeman helping my brother and dad to push the car to the side of the road because there's only single lane for the car to pass.

I've never felt so proud in my life for having a policeman to push car for me I tell you -_-'''

And while my uncles and that kind man was checking the car's engine to diagnose the problem, another villager came to offer us to wait inside his house instead because the weather was freaking hot!

Oh my god!!! How come kampung people are so kind 1??? Come to think of it, I come from kampung also. So, actually I'm very kind too!!! Muahahaha...

Thank goodness we (relatives and my family) went in 5 cars and 4 of which were MPVs. Therefore, we hopped into my uncles' car to go Nirvana first while the Serena was placed at the road side -_-'''

Yan sang yan hoi <- Did I get it correctly?

Grandma wanted to pray to I-don't-know-what-God first before going to my grandpa's grave and gosh! Can you see the amount of people there? Cannot stand the smokes I tell you because I'm quite sensitive to it =(

So colourful! So pinkish~ ^.^

As you can see, people usually offer oranges/apples and the pink colour I don't know what thingy to the God but there's this family who offers muffins instead! So modern 1???

Nobody offers hippo pau lor +_+

(Actually I admit that Samsung camera takes extremely nice and clear photos compared to other cameras. However, the shutter speed is too slow when the place is dark +_+)

I felt so young when I stand together with that bunch of ppl - helping my grandma to light the joss sticks

There were so many people wanted to use the toilet until there was a long queue in front of it! Today is the best day to do business because ice-creams, cold sugarcane drinks and etc were all sold out before noon =)

Hint: Entrepreneurs! Time to think and act fast now!!

Offerings for my grandpa.

Scorching sun without a bit of wind is enough to cause people to get sun stroke. Initially I wanted to wear shorts over (because of the wound on my right leg) but my dad said it's inappropriate to wear shorts or skirts to cemetery. Sigh.

In the end, I wore jeans. Can you imagine how hot it is????

Now you know why the weather is so hot.

I think Buddhist contributed the most to pollution because people keep burning things and joss sticks to ancestors, firecrackers and etc many times a year!

There were many people who burn firecrackers today in Nirvana and there's 1 thing that I don't understand. Why do you need firecrackers? They said the loud noise is to scare away evil spirit or bad stuff right?

If so, in order to minimize the air pollution and thinning of the ozone layer, cannot use cd player meh??? You can blast the speaker 9 9 and I believe the noise should be as loud as the real thing ;) Come on people... global warming leh! Aren't you worried? I'm freaking worried because I believe I got another 60years or so to live! I don't want to suffer!!!

For my grandpa.

No choice. I'm contributing to the pollution also. I think my relatives will send me to heaven if I tell them not to burn things for the sake of the environment and earth T_T

What to do. Generations above us still follow the traditions and all. I can foresee in future that there'll be electronic joss sticks where you use battery to operate, cd player to play the loud firecrackers noise and etcetera.

How nice would that be ^.^ Can't wait for that day to come.

Seriously very hot and sunny!

Even though my grandpa's place is almost at the top of the hill, there's no wind at all!!! Hot until can die!

My cousins' face were all flushing red. Especially mine Macam high blood pressure only.

My cousin sister - Vanessa.

I looked like superstar only Sunglasses was given by Teng ;) I had always wanted something like this since last year but I don't know what to call it. So, I told my elder brother that I wanted to buy Paris Hilton type of sunglasses and guess what he said...

"Ohhh... that bimbo spec is it?"

From then on, my friends and I have been calling it as bimbo spec....

Teng, I really like the sunglasses a lot! Have been wearing it whenever I go out since last year =) Thanks again.

Another cousin sister - Kimberly.

Wong family only has 3 granddaughters and I was the eldest of all. Isk... So old....

Dad left Nirvana earlier with my cousin brother and uncles because he needs to use my cousin's car to jump-start the battery. One of my uncle who is good with cars, said that the problem might be the battery (because was stucked for long hours in the jam with max aircon on and dad didn't change the battery yearly). And indeed it was the battery problem!

Mum, brother and I followed another relative's car home in the end and damn, we got stucked in the jam for 3 hours plus just to get home to PJ!!!

T______T What a day! I hate traffic jam to the max lor! *sigh*


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