Thursday, March 06, 2008

Nike Women This is Love

Have you ever wonder why the seawater is salty? Here's the answer.

Those seawater that I accidentally swallowed during my snorkelling trip in Redang......

Anyway, it has been a looong time since I went to ss2 party malam and I actually went there on Monday after class and to my surprise, there are SO many food stalls now selling a variety of food!

T_______T That is when I felt very outdated and not-so-PJ-rian.

I bought LOTS of food!!!! *isk* greedy *isk*

And I didn't know that my dad actually knew quite many people in pasar malam because he always goes to pasar malam with my grandma =P Everyone was like asking my dad who am I and he replied, "wa eh zha bor kia..." (my daughter in Hokkien)

Like superstar only.

Here's what I find it to be interesting and special...

Potato chip(s).

The cute thing is, the whole potato chips is connected in a spiral form as 1!!! There are many flavours available but I chose the best seller which is cheese. Niceeee~~

I want to go to pasar malam again for food!!! Anyone?

Do you know what is the hottest and most happening event lately? Let me tell you. It's definitely this...

Nike Women This is Love event.

Of course this is not advertorial la.

Unless you take it as a yes because of the free Nike t-shirt that I got for working for Nike (or Tsu Lynn) on Tuesday.

I'm not going to talk about the Nike College Fitness Challenge because there are only 7 colleges involved (HELP, KDU, Metropoliton, SEGI, INTI, Sunway or Taylor's) and I'm not sure whether you people (who are reading this) are from the participating colleges or not. More info on that, feel free to ask me ;)

Now I'm going to talk about the main point.

There will be a party on the 22nd of March at APAC (Subang old airport area) and it will the biggest women party in Malaysia!!! Admission is free. Sounds attractive? Like I said, this is a Nike Women event. So what does that tells you?

It means that there'll be no guys allowed =)
(Sorry girls. Cannot kap chai. I feel sad too. Hopefully there'll be a Nike Men event in future XD)

On that day itself, there'll be many booths around like manicure, pedicure, hairstyling and body tattoo for you to pamper yourself at no charge at all!!! Mana mau cari?????? Moreover there'll be free finger food, performances, pole dancing, rock climbing, kickboxing, body combat/jam and etc. Oh! Did I mention that Che'Nelle will be there too???

Everything is free wei. You only gain and got nothing to lose. So, why not come and join the party on the 22nd? Bring all your girlfriends along! First 500 ladies will receive a complimentary party kit and a Che'Nelle CD!!! (you people no need to buy pirated CD or download illegally already!)

Party starts from 5pm till 10.30pm.

For more information, log on to their official website at

I'll be there of course =)

This post is so random -_-

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