Saturday, March 29, 2008

Expect the Unexpected

Morning people!!!

Might be a little outdated but since I got nothing to blog about, I don't care already!

I'm going to talk about what happened last Monday. Outdated or not??? Muahahaha...

Oh well. Last week, Teng invited me over for movie which was something extremely rare!!! First, she rarely invite people for outing and secondly, movie's on her! Given this ultimately rare opportunity, Florence and I both agreed on the spot.

Being a planner as I've always been, I actually planned my time nicely on Monday which goes like this:-

5:30pm - Class ends.
6.30pm - Reach home and bath (usually it only takes me half an hour to 45mins to reach home after 5pm due to the jam. But I allocated 1 hour just in case).
7.00pm - Dinner.
8.00pm - Reach One Utama.
9.00pm - Movie.

Perfect plan isn't it???

However.... God likes to ruin my perfect plan I tell you T_____T The jam near my college on Monday was nothing but terrible!!! Class ended at 5.30pm but my guys and I were left stranded in college until 7.05pm!!! They couldn't get into the bus due to the heavy downpour while my dad was stucked in the jam along the Damansara/ Sprint highway.

Finally after I left college, I was stucked for another hour plus to get back home. In the end? I reached home around 8.05pm and I have to skip dinner T_______T I quickly grab the car key (yes, another exception of using the car at night because of Teng. Proud of not???) and went to the Kelana lrt to pick Florence up.

So, my timetable in the end was...

5.30pm - Class ends.
8.05pm - Reached home, forced to skip my dinner and went out without bathing -_-''' Smelly me. Luckily I got a habit of bathing before going to college everyday. But still.... T___T
8.20pm - Picked Florence up from lrt station.
8.40pm - Reached One Utama.
9.00pm - Movie.

I was so freaking hungry at that moment that I almost have no energy to step of the clutch and accelerator -_- But when I arrived at One U, miraculously, I don't feel the hunger anymore. So, I thought it was alright to skip dinner once a while *cough* diet *cough* but my lai ma, Florence, insisted that I should grab something to bite or else she'll nag me until the movie ends

So I quickly went to the nearest bakery (Bread Story) and bought something to eat. Then met up with Teng and her college friends in GSC.

The first thing she asked was why we are late and I'm so syiok to eat bread some more T_____T
That's.... my...... dinner...... lah.......

(Good to train myself to eat bread now for my future life after July I've been asked why I don't want to tell friends about it but I don't want to tell them just yet. I'll tell the them soon ok? Only to those whom I'm close to and always hang out with ;))

Ok. The happiest thing on that day was.... I get to meet new friends!!! You cannot imagine how excited I was because I like meeting new people~ Teng introduced her college friends to me and gosh! Every single one of them is so friendly, nice and humorous! Teng, I sincerely feel happy for you =) I have no worries already!

Movie of the day....

Water Horse.
No Timmy, it's not water fish (sui yu in Canto. If you get the meaning =P)

I know it's not nice to comment on something given to me free but I must say this.... don't watch this!!!


You see... I'm already very tired that day (Mon which means that I did not sleep on the night before and got stucked in the jam just made things worse) and I thought a good movie can helps to keep me awake but I was wrong. The storyline is slow, I don't like that era and no lengchai for viewing pleasure.

I almost... almost.... doze off -______-''''
Sorry Teng!!! Don't mean to be so mean ok!!!

But the whole cinema was packed with people! Incredible!!!

Movie ends around 11pm and spent some time chatting with Teng's friends before leaving. However, there was a problem. We all parked our car in new wing but our movie was at TGV - old wing (we were told it was GSC initially). We were lost for a moment on how to get to our carpark because everywhere was locked.

Thank goodness Teng's friend told us that we can link over if we take the lift. But he didn't mention which floor!!!!!! I parked my car at level 3 (One carpark. Gaya ni gaya... ) while he parked his car at level 4.

Pity Florence and I having to loiter around old wing's level 3 looking for the bridge to link over to the new wing you know!

2 girls - empty parking lot - quiet atmosphere - feeling lost - unknown men around - late at night

A tad bit scary I must say.

At that time, those emails that I received on how those girls were kidnapped from carpark area, Canny Ong's case and etcetera suddenly made me concerned about our safety. A lot.

Worse of all, Florence is soooo skinny. She'll definitely be their first target (that's the only benefit you get for being fat - being the 2nd target. Hahaha...). So what should I do? Ask them release Flo but kidnap me instead? Or chase after them and fight with them to release Flo? Or run away alone? Or ask them to kidnap someone else because we both aren't rich? -_-'''

Seriously you'll think a lot at that time lor! I was worried more about Florence safety because she's seriously.... very skinny. Can be pulled into a van easily.

After sometime and still unable to find the bridge, we gave a call to Teng and she said only level 4 can link over to the new wing And so, we both walked all the way back to the only lift that is still operating and went up to level 4.

Thank goodness Teng and her bunch of friends were there waiting for us!!! So touching lor! They didn't leave us alone.

There were other funny incidents as well but I'm not going to type it here because this entry is getting longer and longer with no photo for you all to view.

Lastly, Teng, thank you soooo much for everything! And to all your friends too!!!! I want to meet them again can? What a bunch of nice and fun people to hang out with! *cough* tai kor *cough* ;)

Next time I will make up over la ok? That day got no time and seriously was very tired. That's why I looked pale -_-

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