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Wai Mun vs Hui Teng

Finally... Finally I'm able to online today!!!!

Being able to online is like being able to go up to heaven because otherwise, it feels like hell T___T Don't know what was wrong with Streamyx yesterday that caused me not to be able to come online (maybe too many PJ-rians download porns. Wahahaha... Jkjk) and what I did for the whole night? I stayed up till 3 something am ripping songs from cds to my external XD


I'm a happier girl now =) Life goes on.

Here's what I wanted to blog about yesterday - 2 birthday parties that I attended last Saturday.

My make up that day. Yellow+black combi. They last time I had this combi was at Sylvia's party last year.

Sorry, cam suck in taking close shot -_- The colour is quite intense in real life anyway.

My lippie was vaseline. U believe?

This is how it looks like. Very natural and not too dramatic for night parties ^.^

Anyway, back to the 2 birthday girls...

Wai Mun vs Hui Teng.

Wai Mun shares the same birth date as Ainul and Florence which is on the 4th. But her daddy decided to hold the party on Saturday, which is Teng's actual birth date -_-'''

Imagine us, were in dilemma whether to attend Wai Mun or Teng's party. My initial plan was to attend Teng's party only (because she's my bestie) and stay overnight at her place. But on that day itself, I gave a call to Florence to double confirm about her transportation, she told me that she's having difficulties in finding transportation.

And said she'll take a cab over to Teng's place in Puchong with Chee Way after attending Wai Mun's party in ss2.

Look at the camera la doink!

Both of them are not familiar with Puchong area at all. As a friend, how can I not help right? So I discussed with Teng and she agreed that I should give them a lift and come for the second half of her party.

She sounded so disappointed when I said I can't stay over at her place if I need to give them a lift.

I admit that I hunch -_-

But being the considerate Teng as always, she said their safety is more important than anything else. So here I am, rushing for 2 parties that night and thank goodness my dad lifted the "ban" for Teng's party. Though it's just for a night.

But then... Very VIP ar you!!!!

Florence's college mate, which is my new friend that night. Very friendly!

Since we were being informed that Yee Mei and gang will be attending Teng's party first, we then decided to attend Wai Mun's party before heading to Teng's because it's not nice to come and leave the place together in such a big gang.

Chicken and beef satay. Where is the rabbit satay?

Both parties start at 7pm. Being the punctual me (usually I'm late is because of my dad!), Florence, Chee Way and I arrived at 6.45pm and we were so proud to be the earliest there!

Oops. Ling was the first actually =P

The first thing we said to the birthday girl was, "Your present next week ok?"

We were so early (*cough* only 15mins early. PJ-rians are famous for not being punctual) until her family members were so embarrassed for not serving us anything because they were busy with preparations =_='''

My fav broccoli is a bit hard though =(

But we got the honour to serve ourselves first!!! VVIP mou???

They even arranged the forks and spoons so nicely.

My perfect plan for that day was to eat a bit at WMun's party and then a bit at Teng's place. But because I didn't have my lunch, I was quite hungry that time that I ate untill 70% full +_+ I'll tell you later what I had at Teng's place.

Wai Mun's party comprised of 90% relatives and only 10% friends (other than CWay, Florence, Ling and I, I don't know who else). And her relatives was so cute, they came together in a BIG BIG group =D

Wai Mun's Party

Her house suddenly became overcrowded.

And "kids" below 25 must eat at the dining table! Hahahaha...

I heard her daddy said that she's now getting her 'key' to freedom!!! Jealousssssss~~~

In my case, the older I get, the more worried my dad is I think I'll get a padlock as my 21st birthday cake lor...

Eh! From this pic, I kinda like the colour of WMun's hair dye~

It was only 8.45pm but she already decided to cut the cake and not wait for Yee Mei's gang to arrive first +_+ But lucky for us because we were about to leave for second round.

Bday girl got tau foo fah skin!!! Smooth and fair~

With flash.

Throughout the 2 hours plus at WMun's place, we entertained ourselves by playing chor tai dee. I don't know why I don't have luck in that game anymore T____T I kept getting the small cards like 3-5 and without any As and 2s.

Luckily didn't gamble. Or else got to take grab 1 of the bday girl's present to the nearest pawn shop already T___T

Without flash.

Left the place around 9.10pm and told her that it's time to 'exchange' shift with Yee Mei because they're leaving Teng's house already. Arrived at Teng's place around 9.50pm because we took a wrong turn (Flo is so bad in reading map!) and another wrong turning because of Teng's bad drawing skill.

She missed out a very very important road!!!

As I was driving along the very long and dark road...

Florence: Yian... how come the Tractors Malaysia is on the right 1 instead of left (according to the map)?
Yian: Erm... Maybe Teng drew wrongly? You know la.. she's damn blur 1.

After 10 mins...

Yian... How come still cannot see the Petronas 1?
Relax relax... I believe we can see it soon.

After 5 mins...

Florence: Still no petrol station 1??? Impossible already...
Yian: Chill la... I believe it's in front...
Chee Way: Wah Wan Yian.. You are very optimistic hor?

Another 10 minutes...

Florence: Still no Petronas geh? Got pasar malam only...
Yian: Ok... It's time to call Teng...

Teng. Thank you so much for your map. LOVE you man.

First thing I said to Teng, "Your present next week ok?"

What I had at Teng's place? Hahaha.. because I was still full, I only had fruits and 2 pieces of kuih!!! She was like, "Cannot!!! Must eat something!!! This yam cake my mummy make 1. Secret family recipe. This mushroom dish too! Must eattttttttt..."

Still, I sticked to my watermelon and 2 pieces of kuih plus a piece of nugget. Give face already ok???

Sorry la dear. I was too hungry while at WMun's place =P

Florence... you beh song who? The cameraman?

After eating, we proceeded to chor tai dee and I was the only girl against 3 guys. And I kept getting lousy cards and kept losing T_______________T Don't bully girl ok! Hmph!

While playing halfway.....

Teng: Yian... my cousin wants to get to know you...
Yian: Huh???

Without me knowing it, Teng's other cousins pushed that fella to my place and kept asking him to ask for my name. I swear I was stunned for a good 3 seconds before standing up, shook his hand and went back to my seat to continue with my chor tai dee without introducing my name -______-''''

Too sudden ok. I think the rest must've thought why I'm so lcly =(

And then....

Got second round some more!!! Apparently, the other cousin asked him what was my name and he said he don't know. So, again they pushed him over to my place to re-introduce +_____+ So I repeated the same procedure. I stood up, shook his hand, told him my name and went back to continue my chor tai dee.

And heck knows why the rest actually cheered for the both of us.

Paiseh 1 ok!!!

(Teng... I don't mean to be in the spotlight 1 wei But your cousins are all very humorous ;))

Guess candles from which cake she blew off first. Results will be revealed later.

Teng took out the fruit cake first and then suddenly her bf whispered in her ear that she got 2 cakes to cut! He actually bought her favourite chocolate indulgence secretly without her knowing it!!!

How sweet~

You should see her shocking face that time. Classic betul~

And as a reward to her bf, he...

Nobody bong chan my cam. Only Teng's mum and sis... T_____T

gets to be in the family photo!!! Wahhhh.... How come I don't have???? T________T

After that, all her cousins asked the bf to kiss her!!! And they were so naughty to ask him to repeat it again and again!!! He happily obliged...

Kiss for Teng
Jealous 1 ok!!!

Then they even asked him to kiss her on her lips! They did! But I was told not to post it up so, too bad XP

Answer: Her bf won. Aunty, don't cry ok?

Happy 21st Birthday to you =)

Thank you soooooo much for waiting for me to arrive before cutting the cakes. So happy =)

Ok. I admit that that guy in green is good looking. I mean, when you showed me his photo, I seriously thought he looked very ordinary! But he definitely looks 100x better in person lar ;)

He's too shy. Not my type. Hahaha... No need to matchmake us. But I don't mind having more friends especially tai kor!!! Muahahahaha...

Seriously, I never felt short when I'm with my secondary friends 1 -_____-''' Sorry for covering the dude behind. I hunch some more ok.

Look at the number of cousins she has!!!!!!!!! Incredible! Such a big family!

I wished I have that many cousins too =(

Throughout the night, I kept laughing at those silly jokes these 3 guys made (they are seriously good!) and they thought I drank alcohol instead of soya bean. Somebody must have drugged my drinks!

Not to forget, Teng, you looked damn gorgeous that night.

When I picked Florence and Chee Way up earlier, Flo kept saying that I looked good *cough* low cut *cough* that night and I might overshadow both the bday girls =____=''' Thank goodness I did not! Hahaha... Because I bought that top together with Teng and she didn't get to see me wearing it. So, I thought that night was the right time to wear it.

Poor la. No other clothes to wear.

Chee way.... -__-'''

Teng... You must consume more Enfagrow.

Friends whom I don't get to see often. Must take photo of them of course! By the way, Hui Peng is so pretty right?

We stayed until 12 something for Chin Howe to arrive.

And we quickly took the pic above. But what Chin Howe cared about that night was to gamble with Teng's cousins and didn't get to chat with us much other than teasing me, which I can say is a norm to him la. T_____T

Sorry for the same pink n white combi. Will try other colours next time.

Last but not least, a photo with the birthday girl =)

Before I left, Teng even teased me, "Yian... My cousin is interested in you oh..." My reply was, "Don't play lah..."


Ohya, Chun Wah was so committed to come to Teng's party that he actually used google earth to search for her house and printed to map out - about 5-6pages long!!! Semangat or not you tell me??? Left Puchong around 1am (shit, broke my driving curfew again) and followed Chun Wah's car because he knew the way out.

But little did I know that he speed very fast!!! And Chee Way immediately called his hp, asked him to drive at 80kmph because I loooooooooooooooong time didn't drive already and I'm not familiar with Puchong road.

And he did.

However, once we arrived at the Puchong-Sunway toll, I overtook him because he used Touch&Go while I used Smart tag. I think Chun Wah didn't know how fast I drove because he couldn't spot my car -___-'''

He even called CWay to ask how fast I'm driving.


=______=''' I didn't realise that I swear.

Reached home around 1.45am and online. The first message I got was from CWah...

Wah... LDP you speed damn fast!
U drunk

Sober la...

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