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Drama Maniac

I've just finished a Japanese drama called...

1 Litre of Tears

And it's sooooo sad T_______T I cried a couple of times especially when it's almost near to the ending. I like the female lead (Erika Sawajiri) a lot because I think she's absolutely gorgeous and her acting is really good! And she's young! Only 21!

Erika Sawajiri. Pretty or not???

However, guess what I found about her that changes my perception on her...

Rising to fame two years ago in the romantic TV serial One Liter Of Tears, the 21-year-old actress-turned-singer is known for playing sweet, demure roles.

In the film Sugar And Spice, which opens here on 8 Nov, she plays the sweet-faced dream girl of a 17-year-old boy (Yuya Yagira) on the brink of adulthood.

But Erika, who has exotic Japanese/French-Algerian looks, turns out to be more of a chilli padi in real life. Maybe fame inflated her ego - she was often accused by the media of arrogance and prima donna behaviour in the past year.

Readers of Bubka magazine even voted her the Most Hated Female Star In 2007.

Now, she has finally paid a teary price for her bad attitude.

While promoting her new romantic film Closed Note in Tokyo two weeks ago, Erika incensed the audience by sulking on stage, crossing her arms and giving disinterested, one-word replies to the emcee’s questions.

The result? Media reports lashed out at her lack of professionalism, while fellow artistes like veteran singer Akiko Wada blasted her attitude.

Angry detractors flooded the movie’s website to post complaints about Erika. Advertisers’ confidence was reportedly shaken, and there was talk of her company banishing her to cold storage as punishment.

The public outrage was so strong - some even threatened to boycott the movie - that Erika had to step out to make a ’shame-faced apology’ for her ‘petulant display’, reported Mainichi Daily News.

She first posted an apology on her official website, and then appeared on TV to say sorry in person. On the TV programme Super Morning, she said she was feeling moody due to ‘personal reasons’, but did not elaborate.

When asked what she would like to say to her supporters, she burst into tears after a long silence.

‘My behaviour spoilt everything and created trouble for the crew. It’s all because I’m not mature enough, and I’m sorry that I was not able to live up to people’s expectations of me and I let them down,’ she said.

Still, some quarters are not convinced that Erika is truly repentant. Her tears sparked another huge debate online, with detractors saying that it was an act to win sympathy votes.

It may take some time to soothe the hostility against Erika, and she has wisely shunned the limelight since. Maybe the saga is a good wake-up call to shake some sense into the actress. “


” Despite being touted as one of the most promising new generation stars alongside Masami Nagasawa, Erika has been getting attention for the wrong reasons this year.

Increasing, she is becoming known as a wild babe who doesn’t care about what others think - deemed a no-no in Japan’s conformist society.

It gels with her musical image as a rocker.

Erika was voted ‘the artiste who seems to have the worst personality’ in an online poll this year.

Apparently, she once got so drunk that she exposed part of her breasts on the dance floor.

Flash magazine caught her breaking traffic rules in May, driving her BMW without the compulsory probationary plate. She got her driver’s licence only early this year.

Last month, tabloids published steamy photos of her kissing her 43-year-old boyfriend in his Porsche. Despite all the negative news about her, Erika seemed to remain cheerful.

Until the sulky saga, that is. She said in a magazine interview earlier this year that she often reads all the gossip reports about herself online. But they don’t bother her.

‘There are some misunderstood parts, but I don’t think they are 100 per cent untrue. People write such bad things about me, and I’d be thinking, ‘I have this side too?’
Source: NewYorkCitySeoulTokyo

-____- It's disappointing when young artistes abuse their new found fame. She even started off as a bikini model at a young age o_O Unbelievable because I thought she's those innocent and girl-next-door type. Other than Erika, I like her youngest sister in the drama too ^.^ Rika~~ You are so cute when you are young!

But when she grew up, I think the new actress is a bit too old to play that role -_-'''

Anyway, if you are into Korean drama, here's what I would recommend. Something that I watched many years back and don't mind watching it again.

Wonderful Life.

It's funnyyyyyyyyy to the max at the beginning of the show!!! But when it's close to the end, it's pretty sad though. I cried more when I watched this drama a couple of years back compared to 1 Litre of Tears. Maybe because I'm more emo back then =P

On top of that, the little girl named Jung Da Bin is as cute as an angel~~

Jung Da Bin.

She's so cute and adorable! At such a young age, her acting is amazing!!! I just cannot stand looking at how much she's suffered in the end ='( *sob* *sob*


How not to like her you tell me?!?!?!

I got this drama with me. If you want, can ask from moi =)
Copy from ori 1 though. That's if you don't mind.

Don't tempt me to watch Coffee Prince la... Assignments no need to do already T_T

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