Tuesday, March 11, 2008







All these are what I wanted to do desperately at the moment but something just set me back =( Let me ask you, what similarity do the above share?

*ka-ching* T______T That's right. Pathetic.

By the way, the trip to Redang with me is still on. Accommodation free. Pay your own air-ticket and food only =) (Well duh!! If you hari-hari mau makan seafood, I need to sell backside already ok!)
Think of beach hunks... beach hunks... beach hunks...

Seriously, I think if I were to go on holidays with my girls, I might do some crazy things with them like:

1) drink drink drink
2) approach people randomly to befriend with them
3) catch baby shark and cook them (Teng can cook!)
4) look for ghost in the middle of the night
5) play prank on people and etc

Damn. Back to reality. No point dreaming now when my assignments are piling up and presentation is awaiting T_____T

Here's what I watched yesterday with my college friends while having 5 hours break in between classes.

10,000 BC

Before the movie, I bumped into Sim (not thian chi nor sim wei. Another Sim girl) and asked for her opinion on this movie. Her answer was rather simple, "Not bad... you are paying for the student price right? It's worth the student price that you are paying!"


All in all, the movie is quite good. Worth the student price that I've paid for (RM7). The graphic is amazing!!! And Evolet look a bit like Lindsay Lohan, but prettier. Seriously, I think Evolet is such a beautiful name =)

I also think the name D'leh sounds special too. Not until Phan exclaimed loudly in class, "T*u lei!!!"

-_______________-''' Then, I take back my words dammit.

Next movie - Ah Long Pte Ltd.

Teng, this week on or not? I want to shop (I mean window shopping) in Pyramid!!!! Then at night we lepak in KL to experience the nightlife there ;) after that yamcha~ Can? Can?? Can??? I need to de-stress wei...

Can someone please start a 'Yian Bday Presents Foundation'? I still owe people lots of bday presents now =( And I don't have that many hits for my blog to generate money for me. What a poor student I am... T____T

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