Friday, March 14, 2008

Entry with long lenthy words but keep reading!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately! I've been extremely hooked on Kdrama nowadays and kept procrastinating in blogging. *tsk* *tsk* Don't learn this bad habit from me =(

I'll talk about the drama that I'm watching next time ;)

Well, nothing much happened in my mundane life other than going to college, come home and back to college the following day. I opted not to go out often lately in order to save up some money and seriously, I MISS MY SECONDARY SCHOOL LIFE WHERE I BUY CLOTHES AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK!!! T_________T

Because I get to claim the money back from my Ah Long -> dad.

But ever since I entered college, he thinks I spent too much money unnecessarily so I have to bear my own shopping expenses (clothes, accessories and make ups). Evil!!! Grrrr...

And I'm back to my online shopping habit since I seldom go out to complexes nowadays. Online shopping is so convenient~ But the shipping cost is ridiculously expensive! Please take note if you wanted to shop online.

I baked some cookies on Sunday night!!! ^.^ As in midnight, to be more precise. Reason? I was too bored and realised that my ingredients were enough to bake some cookies!

Chocolate chips & almond cookies.

Can you believe my bro and mum actually finished 1 plate of the cookies above? It was straight out from the oven and I gave them 1 each to TRY because it's a new recipe and then the next thing I knew, they handed over an empty plate for me -____-'''

The recipe is suppose to be a soft cookie (something like Subway cookies?) but because it was straight out from the oven, the layer on top was crispy and mum loves it! Thank goodness I set aside earlier another plate of cookies for my college friends to try on Monday =)

Phan: Nice nice... Eh Wan Yian... next time... you bake 1 container of cookies for me ar!
Phan: Seriously.. I'm not joking. 1 container ok?

Can. RM20 ok? Inflation lar! Price of butter increased!

I didn't bake much also because my butter left 1/4 block only =( 1 plate for family, 1 plate for friends and 1 plate for grandma and relatives. Habis.

All college friends tried except for Yung Hui (didn't get to see her on Mon), MYoong (went home immediately after class) and Li Lee (I only get to see her once a week - that's if I'm lucky).

Guess what I was told 2 nights ago in MSN? (It goes something like this...)

Mr X: Your manja-ing and sayang-ing skills are zero wei. But I don't mind if you practice it on me!!! Hahaha... It'll definitely make my day brighter. Come la..try it on me!
Yian: That's so not me ler...

Funnily, this wasn't the first time I was told about this! OMG!!! If I manja also manja my bf la right??? For what I simply manja at people??? o_O Can you imagine yourself manja at your friend? Imagine... MYoong manja at Phan. Or YHui manja at Sim? Hehehe... Weird isn't it???

To be fair, I admit that I'm lacking in that skills as told by many people +_+ So how la??? Takkan ask people to teach me right?? Oh! I have a good sifu to teach me!

Teng!!!! You are a pro in this!!!!! Hahahahaha.... Admit ok! I see you always manja at your dragon lor.

(I'm seriously joking and please, I beg you, don't teach me because I find it quite les for a girl to demo such thing on me -__- I'll have goosebumps!)

On my previous entry about the movie I watched with college friends, 10,000 BC, I left out something. I was so pissed throughout the whole movie because Timmy didn't buy me popcorn and Phan didn't buy me coke!!!!

Joking! Don't tell me you actually took the statement above seriously

I was actually pissed at a @#^%!$@& boy seated behind me!!!
This time I'm not joking. He kept kicking my seat the whole time! He even shakes his leg! I dislike people who shake their legs!!!! At first when my seat was 'vibrating' softly, I thought to myself, "How come the seat is moving? I'm not playing motion master also"

Yes you laugh. T____T

I kept telling myself to sabar sabar and treat it as a massage or motion master chair!!!! But then.... I was so pissed and beh tahan already in the midst of the movie, I turned behind and asked him to stop kicking my chair! Brave or not?? Brave or not???

He didn't even dare to look at me I tell you. And stopped kicking my chair for a period. Then, he started it again -_- But softly this time. Since it's "tolerable" and I refused to create a scene in the cinema, I kept quiet. Occasionally, Sylvia helped me to turn behind to stare at him (thanks babe!) but he just don't give a damn!

I told myself, "He's SOOO gonna DIE when the movie ends". Just when the movie ended, I stood up, took a deep breath and ready to screw that kid 9 9 (I even prepared my script!), Sylvia tapped on my shoulder and told me that the brat had left the cinema.

I think he can sense my "aura" from behind.

If you are such a coward, why are you doing this to the adult in the first place? I thought Phan finally has a chance to fight with people and 100% he'll win because his opponent is going to be someone younger! And then Timmy will use his smelly bandage to wrap that fella's face to suffocate him (or at least make him puke) and Jordan use popcorn to throw at him!

I bet the scene will be hilarious for sure. Too bad~

-The End-

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