Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Party

Christmas party~ Christmas party~~ It's finally here!!! Actually we just planned this party on Saturday night, that's why many people were unable to make it =|

Despite rushing for my assignment on the night before, I still forced myself out of my bed (I sleep less than 3 hours because of my insomnia) early just...

Bro complained that the muffins this round looked much better than the night before +_+

to bake this.

Well, it's sort of like a pot luck party. Everyone is suppose to bring something along and due to the last minute notice, I baked the muffins above with the leftover ingredients

After that, brothers wanted to go to One Utama to do something and to buy movie tickets for Aliens vs Predators (I want to watch too T___T). After all the hard work on the night before, I made a brave decision - to skip Jacob's 2pm-4pm class to go hanggai XP

Then, met up with Phan, Jordan, Meng Fai, Li Lee and Sylvia in One Utama too. MFai, I will forever remember what you did on that day ok!!! XD It was then Sim called me to say that the class is going to end already. So, no point coming for 4pm-6pm class because Jacob wanted to leave early for Christmas celebration or something -_-'''

I actually ponteng-ed 2 classes in a day!

And brother wasn't too happy with it.

Those who came - Moi, MYoong, Meng Fai, Sim, Hui Ting, Phan, Tsu Lynn (came very late) and of course, Jordan.

Jordan's very beautiful house.

Party was held at Jordan's house in Cheras. Before going to his house, we went to shop for food in Tesco and that's when I get to have a loooooong chat with May Yoong, whom I get to see maybe once or twice a week only in college =(

I baked muffins over, MYoong bought drinks and Sim baked cake (will show his beautiful cake later). Meng Fai, what did you cook/ bake??? Come to eat oni!!! Phan promised to cook tong yuen but he didn't. So in the end, he volunteered to fry meehoon for us!

Well, he said he knows the 'theories' (how to cook) although there's no 'practical' (actually tried doing it) test before. Since he was SO CONFIDENT... we let him do it.

Cooking papa 2.

At least he got Hui Ting to guide him. But the funny thing is, he can't even fry the meehoon properly! Not strong enough is it???

Vegetarian meehoon.

Because Phan forgot to buy chicken or pork.

While everyone was busy doing something in the kitchen or setting up the place outside, here's a fella who's very free most of the time...

the king, Sim.

All he did was supervising Phan's cooking process...

Oh please~ *roll eyes*

and watched tv.

Finally, this is Phan's finished product...

the unknown taste meehoon.

Seriously, the look of it is alright but the taste... T______T

Overall, it tasted alright =) Just that we can't figure out what taste it was and pretty much tasteless -_-''' Personally, when there's no meat inside or anything, I would add in oyster sauce or ajinomoto to make it taste sweeter.

But well, that's my cooking style. Since Phan's the 1 cooking it, it's not nice for me to teach him how to cook instead =P

However, you cannot imagine how much chili sauce I've poured in to my meehoon to cover that weird taste! Hahahaha.... At least I'm super supportive ok! I ate a lot of it...

Our barbecue spot, in front of Jordan's house. Sim, stop posing can or ? -_-'''

I really love Jordan's house location because the place is overlooking the whole of Cheras! I almost refuse to leave when he invited us to his open house early this year =P

Our mini barbecue pit.

We bought it from Tesco. Super small and low.

Our food. Definitely more than this because we didn't put all on this table.

The view was great, the weather was cooling and windy (after rain) and the food was fantastic!

Full moon that day.

I heard it was 15 according to chinese calendar that day. No wonder the moon looks so huge and round that day ^.^

The view.

Sorry la. My lousy camera cannot take night picture properly without flash.

The view.

Our tradition.

Traffic jam.

Everyone was so hungry. So we tried to maximize the space available for more chicken wings and sausages.

That night, we encountered something scary. Really really scary I tell you...

Ghost in red shoes.

I remember this story from a chinese ghost drama that I watched many years ago. Last time, husband doesn't allow or wouldn't buy red shoes for their wife to wear because they'll run away with another man with the shoes that the husband bought. Then, the husband tracked his wife down and killed her.

Hahahaha... And Sim is wearing red shoes! I bet he'll run away from Timmy to be with Phan or Chong.

Around 12 am, Meng Fai and I went to meet up with Tsu Lynn to guide her to Jordan's house. We packed the barbecue stuff and cleaned up everything before the cake cutting session.

My fav pic of all. Guess which part of the cake is this.

This is the cutest cake ever la!!! And it's very BIG!

Can guess what it is already?

Scroll down to see...

Snowman cake.

Isn't it cute? It was baked by his mum and Sim designed it (if I didn't credit him, he'll get angry =P). Remember I went to Sim's birthday party in November and his mum baked him a football field cake?

His mum baked the snowman cake this time =)


We celebrated Christmas with wine! Sponsored by Jordan ;)

What is that?

I was so curious that night to find out what this is suppose to be. Sim didn't know as well =_='''

Jordan got the honour to cut the cake because he let us use his house for party.

Tsu Lynn is eating my muffins =P I asked the guys to heat up the muffins a bit but they were lazy =/ So, all of them ate cold muffins! Hahaha... I seriously think it will taste better if they did heat it up.

So, we girls sat there chatting and guys were busy playing Playstation until 2 something in the morning. Tsu Lynn was so kind to give me a lift home. Thanks babe! Reached home around 3 something and I slept around 5 something because I washed my hair XP

My hair smells like barbecued chicken wings =(

And not to forget...

1 and only donut that Meng Fai bought for me.

Thank you very much ya~~~ At first I thought he gave me an empty box because it was so light -_-''' Not knowing that there is a donut inside! Hahaha... Thanks thanks~ ^.^

~*Merry Christmas everyone*~

Will post more tomorrow. Tired already...

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