Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tsu Lynn is Another Year Older

Ha! I'm back! Finally, I'm back!!!

Got miss me or not?

Well, I actually wanted to blog 2 days ago but unfortunately, my telephone cable KO-ed (u cannot image how much I've suffered for not being able to online) and I got to wait for the Telekom fella to fix it for me today. And yes, I did put all the blames on Streamyx at first, when I saw the modem kept blinking like nobody's business because whenever I can't online, it's due to Streamyx's problem.

Well, this is an image that Streamyx projected to us isn't it?

Can't online = Streamyx
Streamyx = Can't online

Bad marketing strategy *shook head*

(Warning: Super duper many photos ahead!)

Anyway, let's get back to my main point.

I'm going to blog about another birthday party that I've attended last Sunday! ^.^ And lots more coming up till the end of December T_T (which I think my blog is going to turn into birthdays blog =_=''')

Tsu Lynn's invitation card. Don't worry, I've deleted her hp and the unit number ;)

Receiving invitation card for any party is just like receiving "red bomb" in chinese (which means wedding invitation) because that only means 1 thing - money flowing out. Well, since it's her 21st and it only happens once in a lifetime, must give face!

Worse come to worse eat bread in college only XD

Ohya, I did mentioned earlier that I changed my hairstyle right? All thanks to Yung Hui! She came early to my house that day to bath and to curl my hair ^.^ She's such a sweetie.

Don't say I look like auntie ok! Ignore my pimples la. I'm a growing girl after all.

Yung Hui and I kinda 'switch' our hairstyle because I straighten her hair while she curls mine =P And I did her make up! Don't you think she looked absolutely gorgeous that night? Hahaha... I'm trying to praise myself only.

Sylvia and Yung Hui.

Sylvia came early to my house too because she don't know the way to Millenium Square. Well, since she's early, I did a little touch up on her make up because she kept saying that she do not apply make up -_-

Yung Hui and auntie.

My hair was Yung Hui's artwork because she paid so much attention on my hair that night, worrying that it will get straight and etc because I'd straightened my hair before.

Sylvia and Yian. Sorry for the messy background. I got no time to tidy my room *blush*

I think my hair is a little bit too short. If longer would be better though. However that day, we got ourselves prepared pretty early and the party starts late (@ 8.30pm), we were hungry. So, I drove the girls out to the Secret Recipe near my house for something light to eat.

Best part of all? It's Sunday. That means, there's a pasar malam going on =_=''' You can't imagine the stares the we got by walking towards the Secret Recipe. People might think that we are over-dressed just to eat a cake in Secret Recipe!

Even the waiters there gave us a funny look.

Us again in Secret Recipe, Taman Megah.

The 3 of us shared 2 pieces of cake which is Chocolate Indulgence and a Celebrity Cake, which moi had forgotten the name for it =P

Sylvia with Chocolate Indulgence.

Sylvia was so worried that she's over-dressed while walking around Taman Megah simply because she wore a dress. Yung Hui wore a dress too but much more casual. I lagi casual la...


Finally, we arrived at the Millenium Square around 8.15pm and while waiting for the lift, we saw another bunch of youngsters around our age. But the problem is, they were in jeans and shorts We kept praying that they are NOT Tsu Lynn's friends because if they are, the 3 of us confirmed are over-dressed that night.

Millenium Square.

We gave a call to Tsu Lynn to ask on how to go to her unit but she asked us to come later because the place was in a mess. To our horror, when I gave a call to Chong, he said Tsu Lynn actually smsed him saying that the party was deferred to 9pm!!!

We certainly did not receive that message lor. No choice, waited at level 2 and camwhored a bit.



By then, Yung Hui felt that my hair was a little bit straight already. So, we decided to go down to the car park to get the hair spray and coincidently, we bumped into Li Lee and Meng Fai! They did not get the message too. Sad for the 5 of us!

After lepak-ing at the car park area, we decided to walk around the commercial centre to take pic!

It's not easy to be a photographer! At least MFai takes better pic than Jordan =P

This is what the only guy in the group got to do =P What? He's damn lucky to be surrounded by all girls with make up and dressed up prettily ok!

Li Lee and Meng Fai.

Li Lee posed until so seducing but Meng Fai.... like kayu -_-'''

The girls with Tsu Lynn's birthday present, which is a Guess watch!

2 girls in dress!

Besties for ever!

Eh, that handbag of yours was given by MFai 1 right?

Ladies in black.

As you can see from Tsu Lynn's invitation card, it's written over there that we must find our alter ego. Well, because we can't think of any, Tsu Lynn gave us instead.

Me - Janice. At first, everyone thought it was either Janice Wei Lan or Janice Dickinson. In the end? I'm Janice from the drama 'Friends'. I don't watch that show at all! So, I don't know how to be her that night. Sylvia said Janice got a very weird laughter =_='''

Sylvia - Captain Planet's girlfriend. Since Captain Planet don't have a gf, she can actually be herself! How lucky!

Siu Fai - Travis. I don't know who the heck Travis is. Paiseh...

Sim - Carlson. Carlson who?

Timmy - Justin Timberlake. Well, he wanted to be Justin, not chosen by Tsu Lynn though.

Phan - Class President. How ironic because he always got bullied by his guys.

Chong - An indian bus driver (Very long name!). Damn funny la!! Hahahaha....

The rest? Don't have any alter ego! How lucky...


Eh Chong, I remembered we were on the phone twice and each time you said you are coming. In the end? It took you more than an hour to arrive from Bangsar??? CIS!!!

Since there's no games or anything for Tsu Lynn's party, we took plenty of photos to entertain ourselves! Thus, behold the power of vanity...

Sylvia suggested that we should make pouting lips...

But we kept laughing. So, we failed miserably.

I got duped in the photo above! I thought you all said we do pouting lips???

I looked like an idiot only wei T_T

Tsu Lynn, can you please stop seducing me?

Fine, just in case you are bored of our faces, let's show you the food we had that night ok? All prepared by Tsu Lynn, her sisters and her best friend! They are really good cook ok! All the food are simple yet delicious~

At the end of the day, most of the food got sapu-ed clean clean.

Ok people. Enough of food. Back to our face XD

Just in case you are wondering why I looked so weird in the photo above, I was actually doing a =P face. Failed already la meaning.

While the girls were busy posing, I saw Max (or Matt? I think it's Max), the angmoh standing beside me. So, I befriended with him and immediately asked if I could take picture with him *paiseh* *paiseh*

Li Lee said she wanted to take with him too!

Same goes to the rest of the girls.

In the end, Max was the luckiest guy that night! Not us.

We grabbed 2 angels that night to take pic with us too! Can you spot them?

That male angel which Tsu Lynn said that he's the angel from hell, is from Taman SEA school too! He's a year older, which is my brother's batch. He's such a funny guy!

I heard that Max is the angel's bf! Really?

Behind us is the hall of fame.

My girls in Financial class.

I was quite worried when the photo above was taken because I was sitting on Yung Hui's lap. So scared that I'll break her legs. Hahaha...

Siu Fai thinks he's in heaven. Not knowing that he's actually in hell. Ha!

Timmy thinks he's in heaven too.

Tsu Lynn is damn good in posing ok!

Since it was a cocktail party, we kept drinking and drinking non-stop. Someone said that I drank too much that night and I should stop because I'm driving. I seriously have no idea how many shots I took. 7-8? I can't remember ler...

Phan, the photo above is so obscene than sexy lor.

Eh Phan, next time we challenge in drinking again when I don't have to drive.

Damn potong stim because I stopped drinking in the end as I told myself to limit the amount of alcohol intake that night.

Star of that night is definitely Li Lee!!! She drank 1 cup of liquor and the other half from Meng Fai and she got drunk immediately . People usually throw tantrum when they are drunk or behave funnily. As for Li Lee, she manja-ed for the whole night!

Damn cute wei.

She manja-ed with Meng Fai for the whole night. Look at him. Such pitiful expression like screaming for 'help' only.

Phan got "high". Look at what he did.

Class president got caned by the Indian bus driver. Sad for him.

With my guys.

All the kaki minums.

I remember when I asked that so-called-bartender to make drinks for me, he gave me a 'aiyor-you-still-want-to-drink' or 'you-again' look. What? I don't remember asking him that many times though.

When the angel walked pass us, Phan plucked a feather from her wings! Okla, he was touching it and the feather fell. Not entirely his fault. So, I took it to play =P

Me: Omg... People might think that I'm drunk from this picture!

Phan: Nola... But you look pretty in the photo wo.

Me: Really? If like that then okla... Hahaha...
(Ultra thick skin)

Sylvia didn't drink that night because she got to drive -_-'' That's what I should be doing too actually...

Me with my younger brother.

Don't tell me you are not drunk, Phan =_='''

Nothing is wrong with this pic. Just that I like to laugh at the 1/4 of Meng Fai's face there.

Me with the drunk Li Lee. She was so clingy to me that night. Do you remember what you did?

Phan, you want me to chop off your finger is it? Li Lee looked so cute in the pic!

Look at Tsu Lynn and Chong

That was the last photo we took before we went yamcha. I asked MFai not to send LiLee home first for fear that her mum might scold her for getting drunk. Sylvia and Yung Hui got to go home early so they left first.

In the end, only the 8 of us (Mfai, LiLee, MYoong, Chong, Timmy, Sim, Phan and I) went yamcha in Seksyen 14 to make sure that everyone is sober only go home. Chong and the guys left first, leaving the other 4 of us there chatting for a little while. Left the place around 1 something I guess.

Freaking early! Cis. So, I drove around PJ before heading home. Yes, all alone =P Thank goodness nothing happen.

That's the end people! Sorry for the amount of photos you got to see.

Everyone actually commented that I look better in perm that straight T_T Well, if you ask me, I would like to change my hairstyle too but unfortunately, I'm low in cash =/

What the different between straight hair and curls? Easy, with straight hair, I got to tidy my hair each time I take a photo. However, with curls, I don't have to because it was meant to look messy ^.^

Anyway, good night people and I love my hair ;)

Again, thank you so much to Yung Hui!

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