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Timmy's 21st Birthday Bash

Actually I plan to blog about Timmy's birthday on this weekend but last minute, I decided to finish it as soon as possible because I got another event coming up on this Sunday. I don't want everything to pile up and therefore, I shall stay up tonight to FINISH IT!!!

Timmy's birthday bash was held on the 30th last month and we got dress code to follow, which is black, white and a dash of pink! Of course, all of us must be in semi-formal wear. On that day, Phan asked us to reach Chong's house by 5.30pm. Thanks to Sim Wei who purposely came to pick me up, we reached Chong's house at 5.40pm and everyone else came late!!!

Best of all, Chong and Nicholas (his friend) haven't bath =_=''' So, the rest of us hopped over to Bangsar Shopping Mall for a walk.

Jordan and Phan.

You can't imagine all the stares we got from the people there because we are obviously over-dressed. So, we kept saying loudly that we'll be dining in Chilis!!! Hopefully people won't think that we are drama kings and queens =P

Ashraff and Jordan.

When Ashraff arrived and saw how casual Jordan and Phan dressed, he kept saying that someone told him no jeans! That's why he looked like he's going for a job interview or something. Ashraff is still so funny!

We are so bored until we decided to take pic in front of a game shop. Behind us is the Nintendo Wii which I'm interested to buy =( Sad, no money.

The guys all looked so cool right?

Finally, we headed over to Ampang when everyone arrived.

Club Darul Ehsan.

The Club Darul Ehsan is quite beautiful =) Atleast better than my Tropicana Club ler =_='''

May Yoong -> Jordan -> Sim Wei.

While waiting for the other guys to find car park, we must of course take pic ler!!!

MYoong -> Jordan -> Yian.

I know I look ultimately fat that day because I wore 3 layers of clothes inside -_- Wrong choice of clothes I know but I still love my top! ^.^ We must love ourself because if we don't, who will right?

Don't really give a damn though whether I look good or not.

May Yoong -> Yian -> Sim Wei.

It's pretty hard to get a parking because there's a wedding reception that night and also time for buka puasa.

Our boy is turning 21! Woohoo~~

Jordan -> Ken -> Aaron -> Siu Fai

They are the guys who shared the same table with us. I think most people can recognise Ken because he's pretty "popular" in my blog right?

May Yoong -> Sim Wei -> Yian -> Yung Hui -> Sylvia.

It's funny that the guys went to get their food first before us. Aiks.... gentlemen nowadays...

YHui, MYoong, Sylvia.

I like how Yung Hui looked on that day with her new hairstyle ;) Really like the way her sister curls her hair!

They are VERY VERY hungry!!!

Ken really likes Aaron because they both shared a pretty similar chequer shirt.

Tsu Lynn came late...

because she got to wait for Edward to pick her up. 2 latecomers!

Tim's parent giving speech.

After the dinner, Timmy's parent went on stage to give speech and thanking people for coming. They both are super friendly and sporting!!!

Slide show.

Next, Timmy showed us some photos from baby till now. Seriously, I thought I'm attending a wedding dinner or something instead of birthday party o_O

Everyone is watching attentively.

Timmy, although I did said this after the party but still, I want to ask you again...

How come our face isn't in the slide show huh??? Not qualified is it???

Instead, he showed photos of him in Leadership Camp with his team mates, meaning Shu Ying they all =_=''' I know your mum did that last minute but still, I like to make you feel guilty XP Not even a single Redang photos ok! Don't have Chong, Phan, Sim and my face too T_T

Pissed... pissed... pissed...

Before the dance session, there was a game called Blowjob and I'm the luckiest person to get chosen by Timmy's mum to play that game! Initially, they requested for couples to play this game but since I got this I'm-not-single-look, I got selected by Tim's mum.

Despite telling her that I'm single and I don't have a partner, she still insisted that I should pick a guy to be my partner. While I was considering on who to pick, the rest nominated Ken , Siu Fai, Edward, Chong and etc.

Thanks people. But Ken will just make me laugh from the start till the end ok. In the end, Aaron was so sporting to volunteer to be my partner ;) Some might be wondering, why does this game called a Blowjob? Simply because we girls have to suck and blow the marshmallows and guys got to receive catch it.

Anyway, I'm proud to announce that the both of us got the lowest score of all! Since we didn't get the attention of getting the highest score, we atleast got people's attention for getting the lowest score! Woohoo~~

Freaking thick skin I know.

Sorry la Irene. I don't mean to do a blowjob to Aaron. And since this is the first time for the both of us, we both scored pretty badly because of the lack of experience. I can't blow properly and he can't receive properly and and and...

Omg. It's getting more and more misleading =_='''

Everyone's dancing.

After the blowjob game was the dance session. This time, I was dragged by Timmy's aunt to go out to dance I think my forehead was written IliketoplaygamessopleasedragmeoutIbegu word.

Okla. In order not to spoil people's mood and to maintain my 'sporting' image, I go out only lor. But instead of dancing, I stood there like kayu because I'm really embarrass to dance . Then this crazy Tsu Lynn kept seducing me so that I'll get high to dance.

Best part is? The rest of the guys were dancing around me and trying to seduce me to dance as well!!!

Damn paiseh. And I felt like the birthday girl instead of Timmy.

Before Timmy cuts his birthday cake, he got a huge surprise by his friend!

He was requested to take off that fella's bra!!!

And he go the shock of his life! (Kids below 18 years of age please don't view the image below!)

Damn sexyyyyyyy man!!! Timmy get to touch a breast at the age of 21! Lucky lucky...

Kaki minum.

I was sweating like nobody's business after the blowjob and dance segment. Then it's time for me to booze with friends!

Because Phan drank alcohol like water, I think he's drunk. He said he'll pour a glass of alcohol for me and people usually pour only a quarter and then mix it with lime juice and orange.

This bastard poured more than half glass of alcohol for me!!!

I think he wanted to me get drunk like him -_-'' You obviously underestimated moi even though I seldom drink.

I even bottoms up ^.^

And I get another glass and another and another.
Damn, I seriously drank too much that night.

Before the party ends, we got a last game to play. This time, Sim Wei was chosen by Timmy's aunt and she dragged me out to accompany her as well. Surprisingly, I followed! Must be sporting right?

It was a game where we were divided into 2 groups and we have to blow the balloons, place it in between the members and walk around the place =_=''' Seriously, right until today, I still don't understand how to play that game. It was the adults (us) versus the kids and yes, the kids won.

They were so excited when they were bursting those balloons. Nevermind, che che-s and kor kor-s let you all win. We don't fancy balloons and we won't be happy bursting those balloons.

*sigh* I'm in a state of denial la...

Me with handsome Ashraff. I took off the bloody flower on my top because it irritates me!

My face turned red but I'm very very sober +_+ Tak syiok...

But my face is nothing compared to Ken and Phan's 1 lor. Theirs are waaayyy too red (like angry oni)!

Me with Sim, the 1st runner up for Best Dressed that night.

HELP-ians. (click on it for larger image)

I loveeee the way Tsu Lynn and Ken posed in the photos above! Damn funny! Ken, your pose in the 2nd photo is a classic I tell you.

Time for girls to camwhore =)

I think the guys got a little bit jealous. They wanted to pose too!

Best Gay Dance of the night.

Best Couple of the night.

Sometimes I really pity Chong +_+

Maaf. Kita lagi...

I like this photo la! I can't believe everyone actually posed in the end XD I thought only Tsu Lynn and I are the crazy ones that night =_='''

After that, we asked the birthday boy to take pic with us. But...

Why is Ken in the picture??? Trying to steal the lime light is it???

Timmy looks like squatting due to his extraordinary height =P

Although the party ended around 11 something, MYoong, SWei and I decided to stay back with the guys to chat and I drank wine again =_=''' (If Florence is reading this, confirm she'll scold me because she's more like my mama than friend). Since the night is still young and YYoke will be giving us a lift back to Bangsar, we decided to go for round 2.

The School, Bangsar.

Phan was so excited when he was told that the girls there all wear school uniform and for the whole night he was asking where the girls are. In the end, he saw 1 and even took photo with her but he said she's not pretty enough.

Damn ma fun la u pemabuk!!! Punch you only you know!

This time I drank beer ^.^

Only Chong, Yeung Yoke, Phan and I drank. MYoong didn't want to drink and SWei can't drink! If you did read my Redang entry, you should know how 'good' she is in drinking =_=''' I don't want to join my grandpa in Nirvana that fast you know.

Chong and Yeung Yoke.

They both always drink drink drink and drink. Damn salute them.

When we were about to leave that place around 1 something am, the guys and SWei said that they were hungry . Therefore, we all walked over to the nearest food court for supper.


She's trying to cover her face actually. Hide for what? Supper only ma! No big deal girl~

If I'm not mistaken, we left the place around 2am and spent some time in Chong's house (surprisingly, his dad's still awake!) before heading home. When I reached home at 2.35am, everyone was asleep! Cisssss.... Not worry about me 1!!!

My dad even asked if I did enjoy my party on the next day because I came back late
Damn nice, dad.

(Any spelling or grammar mistake I'll change it tomorrow because I'm sleepy already! But usually I just don't give a damn though)

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