Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stupid Assumption That A Person Can Think Of

I think I have to make things clear. I dislike people making assumption, especially on me!

I have to explain this. I do not online all the time!!! Even if I do, I do not appear offline all the time either! And even if I blog, I might not online nor appear as offline in msn.

The reason I'm writing this is because of the amount of offline messages that I got each time I online and some are relatively important. If you are sending me offline message like saying 'Hi, long time didn't chat' and etcetera, I don't mind at all and will reply you too =)

But if you send me offline message asking or telling me about something pretty important, what's the matter of you sms-ing me??? It's just a few cents! I'm not scolding or lecturing (I'm not angry either!) anyone here but I hate the feeling of being guilty for breaking promises or not replying when you are telling me something important!

Although I know I wasn't at fault for not going online and not reading the offline messages that people sent me, but still, I feel bad ok! What's worse is when I was being blamed for everything! People, you expect me to read your message in the next couple of hours??? When I did not reply your message, understood la!!!

-_-''' Some people just don't make sense.

And stop putting all the blames on me because I've made myself clear!!! ^.^