Thursday, October 11, 2007

Still remember MJ?

I don't know why but I kept bumping into him lately. First, he was seated beside our table in McD near The Curve. Then, I saw him in pasar malam eating lok lok. Next, I saw him somewhere near the Kelana lrt station. Even I go to ss2 to buy something also bump into him! Monday when I went to One Utama with friends for lunch, I saw him again.

Great. He won't think that I'm stalking him right?

Lilee thinks he's quite cute looking Well duh!!! I wasn't called Wan Yian for nothing ok! I think he kinda remember my face because we used to chat quite often in msn last time till late midnight.

Or he remembers my face because I always loiter around our school back then? =_=''' Wah... I really cannot forget the stare he gave me in McD that time. It was freaking obvious until Yung Hui and his gf turned to look at me like I'm his ex only.

I no longer like him la +_+ He's a 'past tense'. I'm enjoying my 'present tense' and looking forward to my 'future tense'! Might consider to be a les also XD

Lately my money only got outflow and there's no inflow wei. If this continues, I better don't go to college for a few days in order to save money T_T Too many birthday parties la! Mei Sin and Xiu Yuan's birthday are coming some more. Next month is even worse *shiver**shiver*

Need to sell kidney already.

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