Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Short Update!

Remember I mentioned about putu piring in 1 of my earlier post? Those who have no idea at all what the heck it is, here are 2 photos to show you.

I was on my way back from college 1 fine day and were so happen to pass by Section 14.

"Yian... you want to eat putu piring or not?"

"Don't want."

"Why don't want? I thought you like it?"

"I got no mood and appetite to eat ler."

"U sure? U sure? We are here in Section 14 though. Really don't want? U like to eat 1 wo."

"...... YOU want to eat is it?"

"Hahaha... Actually, ya lar XD"


So, there I am, queuing for more than half an hour at this famous putu piring stall just to buy a few pieces of putu piring-s for my family!!! I think they kinda monopolize the whole place because they are the 1 and only stall selling putu piring in Section 14, which explains about the long queue and time we have to wait.

This is how they make putu piring. Just like putu mayam but in a shape of a saucer.

Not nice also must say nice because I queued for more than half an hour for this!

It's easy to spot this stall in Section 14 because of the long queue in front of the stall but there's 1 thing that I don't like...

that lady works as slow as a turtle la.

I changed my hairstyle for Tsu Lynn's birthday party yesterday which EVERYONE thinks it suits me better than my current hairstyle =_=''' Even my parent and my bro said that it suits me better. I don't know whether I should be happy or not also. You want to see? Then just wait till I get all the photos from my friend and keep coming back just in case I update! ;)

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