Sunday, October 07, 2007

New Shopping Experience

As everyone is aware of, now we have 3 new shopping places to satisfy those shopaholics with 2 new ones in KL and 1 in PJ. Last week, I went to The Gardens (Mid-Valley) after catching a movie with college friends (Chuck & Larry!!! Freakin' funny ^.^). Then, last Saturday, Teng stayed overnight at my house and we went to Pyramid Phase 2 (or whatever you call it) for shopping. Finally, the following day (Sunday), we went all the way to Pavilion for shopping too!

Here's what I have to say about those places...

The Gardens, Mid Valley - Boring. Maybe it's still new and many shops are not open yet and that is why I find that place pretty boring. The only thing that attracts me to go there is probably The Robinsons, which you can't get in any shopping mall in Malaysia. Overall, it's pretty similar to Starhill and very classy.

Pyramid Phase II (I'll change the name after I find out the correct name for it ) - I loveeeee it!!! The place is so big and beautiful! Basically, what you can get in One Utama, you can get it in Pyramid. They just have everything there but bigger and better. I think I'll frequent there more than One Utama (if possible) because of Anthony the shops that are available there ^.^ Pyramid has always been my favourite shopping mall back in my high school before One Utama opens their new phase 2.

Pavilion, KL - I loveeee this place too!!! Everything is so classy, BIG and high! High, I mean the ceilings la =_=''' Everything that you can get elsewhere, you can get it in Pavilion. But those you get in Pavilion, you don't get it elsewhere. Those that haven't been there, here are some photos to show you all =)

Teng and I in Bintang Walk =P

The Pavilion, KL.

I remember when I was taking this picture, there's a man in a car kept posing and jokingly asked me to take his pic.

Man: Moi moi...tangkap gambar saya la. Tangkap gambar saya! (posing)
Me : Yerrrr.... tak mau la

We in front of the entrance, under the sun -_-

The grand entrance, super high like Times Square.

The moment you step in, this is what you get to see.

Everything also glass and see through T_T Not so good for people who are afraid of height like me.

Look a little bit like The Gardens right? Just that Pavilion is slightly brighter.

When you look up, you'll feel a bit dizzy because it's pretty high @.@

You can't imagine how freaked out I was by just standing there to take this pic.

Teng. The top she's wearing was mine and it fits her perfectly! When we went for hiking that morning, she wore my shorts which also fits her perfectly =_=''' Damn sad because it proves that I was once her size T_T

Ooi... I don't mean to look tall here. I did bend down to match your height ok! XP

It's funny that the both of us can't wear skirts because our legs were full of mosquito bites. Teng, I kena-ed more than you leh! My thigh also got. Damn, those mosquitoes in Taman Tun!!! Should have wore a longer shorts man.

Everyone's favourite shop, Topshop.

Actually my main aim is to check out the Juicy Couture store (2 levels some more), which I heard was the largest in Asia. No luck because it is still under renovation T_____T

If you want to go to Pavilion, be prepared to pay for the ridiculously high parking fee. From what I heard, the first hour is RM3.50 and every subsequent hour is RM2. Besides that, it's super duper ultra jam!!! @#@^!*&%^

That is why Teng and I took lrt over which is obviously so much cheaper and faster =P

On the way back, we even befriended with a tourist from China! He's so friendly and *cough* quite good looking. He's from Shanghai and he's able to speak Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien! How many people from China are able to speak Canto huh?

Best part is, he's a make up artist Thank goodness he did not comment on anything.

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