Friday, October 05, 2007

Flash Back

Since I haven't collect all the photos for Timmy's birthday (not to mention about editing it!), here's something for you all to "recall" back of my very very very old entries. Have a read if you are bored of waiting but just to warn you people, mind my command of English ok?

My 1 day trip to Genting - Really really long entry with nothing but words only. But it's kinda hilarious here and there when I talk about my experience in Genting and how I kap chais non-stop =_='''

Here's something that brings back memories...

It was during CTS class back in Foundation time and our class watched 3 movies, namely Grudge, Friends and CSI. This is the conversation after the Grudge movie...

... after Ms Chia explained to us why that girl died in the show, The Grudge, which is due to her having an affair..Suddenly, loukong (aka Shu Ying) turned to look at me and said...

Loukong : Lou poh....You don't have any affair with people ar!
Me : Yea...when you killed me, I'll climb the stairs to let you see..

(suddenly, zixian burst into laughter because i said I'm going to climb the stair -_-'')

Loukong : What? climb the stairs?
Me : Yupe..and edmond will be squatting behind the grills and look at me how I climb down the stair

(just imagine Ed squatting there with his 2hands holding the grills. How cuteeee)

I even suggested that Ed should climb down the stairs with me (ini dikatakan berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing. I'm his mum!!). I'm afraid that Ed might tripped and fall on me, so, I decided that Ed should crawl first. I'll follow him from behind. hahahaaa.......Sorry Ed...It's just a joke~~ Anyway, it was a great experience to watch a movie in the class with a big bunch of friends!

After that it was about Mr Chen who pissed me off because he said I was forever eating in his class (I swear it was my first time!) and in order to cheer me up, Zixian passed me a rubber band and asked me to lastic his ass.

Fantastic day
out with Jordan & MFai to watch The Wig and also my 2nd time putting mascara on +_+ MYoong, Lilee and I kept kap chai non-stop again. Damn hilarious!

Another memorable entry would be the day my grandpa passed away during CNY and when all my friends were in my house and how I hold back my tears in order not to worry them. Heck, not going to put the link up because the entry is seriously VERY long.

My 1 day trip to Pulau Ketam and I learn that a great trip wasn't based on how many people went but rather who you go with.

My friends' all time favourite entry which is about me visiting a bread factory. Can't believe Jordan they all still talk about this entry right until today T_T

Me attempting to write a story about us (LiLee, MYoong, YHui and I) when we are old following a story from an advertisement. I still find the story to be very hilarious especially YHui and Mahmud's part XP

Our hilarious makan trip to Segambut with college friends. By the way, I prefer Tim's hairstyle that time. Ok, no need to mention about Phan and Sim's hairstyle la =_=''' They all looked so funny there!!!

My weird and funny dreams about us turning into sea creatures and thinking back, Jordan's face that time was really scary!

Must also include or trip to Langkawi (Day 1 *here*) (Day 2 & 3 *here*) Was super memorable especially reaching the jetty at 4.35am with NOBODY around! Click on it to read on what we did and how beautiful the small island is =) (Jordan, I still remember Coward...)

Jordan's funniest photos are all *here* Click and have a good laugh!

My first Cheng Beng ever!

Super 5 Mawar class reunion ^.^

Anna's farewell dinner.

Lastly is of course, our memorable Redang trip la! (Day 1 & 2 *here*) (Day 3 *here*) (Day 4 *here*)

So, I guess the links above is sufficient to keep you all busy for a couple of days right? Then I'll take my own sweet time to edit and blog about Timmy's birthday then =)

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