Thursday, October 04, 2007

Belated Bday Celebration =P

Do you know what's the most evil thing your friends can do to you when you sprained your neck badly?

Is by kept calling you to turn over again and again and then the whole gang kept laughing at your "robotic" gesture. My friends are SO damn sweet aren't they? Damn sayang you all la.

You know who you are!!! Those little devils T___T

Must also thank Chong for bringing the Sloan's to college for me to apply (it works like magic!). This is what I call as friend!!! The rest??? Know how to laugh only T_______T

Feel like breaking their neck now.

I watched America's Next Top Model and I like a model's hair in RED! Ok, it's more like a maroon. Thought of dyeing my hair maroon now =P Don't know whether I should or not because I'm afraid the color will fade very fast -_- Should I???

Ok, enough of my rubbish. Let's move to my main entry today.

I should have blog about this ages ago but I just got the photos 2 days ago and just finished editing it, so, here it is.

We celebrated Yung Hui's belated birthday 2 weeks ago and we went to Bangsar for a simple dinner. Jordan and Sylvia came to my house around 5pm because Jordan wanted to challenge my bro in Winning 11 while I make over Sylvia in my room =P

Sad is that Jordan got trashed badly by my bro and refused to leave until he finds back his "maruah" =_=''' This is the only rare occasion where 2 girls have to wait for 1 guy to find back his lost "maruah" knowing that we are already late for the dinner.

Good job Jordan.

We girls in front of Bangsar Village 2.

After that, we all walked over to Cats Whiskers to buy Yung Hui's present because apparently, she wanted to buy a tube top from there for Timmy's party (more about Tim's bday party in my next entry!). Sadly, our plan was ruined because the top was no longer there.

No choice, called Yung Hui over to choose her own present instead.

The rest of the guys waited for us at Devi's Corner while we girls took our own sweet time to shop in Cats Whiskers. Oops, my mistake. Jordan was again, the only guy with us, as bodyguard.

Jordan, truly Asia bapa ayam.

She shop, we pay. I want also!!! T___T

Waiting for...

Yung Hui to...

try on the clothes.

Must of course take pic with Li Lee ^.^

I must admit la, all of us were pretty hungry that time because it was already 7 something, almost 8pm!

This is what girls do when they are bored. I'll be the first to admit that.

Hahaha... I mean, seriously, just trying to match with your expression only =x

Our original plan was to eat at Sakae. Then we decided to go to KL to eat steamboat instead. But then Chong & Phan were already waiting in Bangsar. So, we decided to eat in a Bangsar's restaurant called Angel (or Angel's?).

Finally, we settled in Chatterbox instead.
We are so indecisive la.

I just find this photo to be very funny! Just like what John Cena used to say, "you can't see me!!!". If it wasn't Meng Fai, I wouldn't have put this up XD

Freaking hungryyyyy.... thank goodness there aren't many people on that day. So, our food was served pretty fast =)



Don't ask me about the guys. They are a species that don't like to take pic.

Must take pic with the birthday girl 1. It's a must!

Yung Hui likes to eat cheese cake la. Who bought fruit cake for her? Huh? Huh?? Huh???

Don't know why none of us pass her the knife that time +_+

Happy 20th Birthday to you!!! I know the crown is pretty ugly. Just let it be la =P I gave the same crown to Sim before ok!

We asked a random fella to take group pic for us. Instead, that fella took so many candid shots of us.

Best part is? All also blurry.

After looking at those photos above, my vision got a bit blurry man @_@

Finally we got a nice shot with flash ;)

After that, all of us went yamcha at the other side of Bangsar and there, I kept talking about the super natural stuffs that I've encountered b4 and the guys were all busy watching football. (Yes la, other than that, I kept complaining that Ms Sumathi forced us to sell Jordan toothbrush which is totally not related to our assessment). Because our group was quite big, we were being seated in an air-conditioned room, all to ourselves!

Positively, we got a private room. Negatively, we got isolated la T_T

(Thanks to Sylvia for all the photos ^.^)

Next entry I'll write about Timmy's 21st birthday bash at a club house and I did blowjob!!! Curious or not? I did blowjob leh!!! Sadly, we didn't take that many photos that night.

So, stay tune! ;)

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