Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bazaar @ HELP

I've been extremely busy with my business!!!

That's why I'm so busy.

Not those big business that involves BIG companies but rather selling something in HELP as part of our assignment. Anyway, I won't be writing in details about the 5 days of our bazaar so, I'll just summarize it la ok?

So, what we did?
We did movie screening.

After conducting the survey on 100 students, we decided on these 4 different movies:-
Comedy - Borat
Action - Matrix
Animation - The Incredibles
Drama - Pursuit of Happyness

The bazaar was also aimed to raise fund for Chia Leng Yau from our Business Department. If you wish to help, do click here.

The guys were preparing the movie trailers.

I'm the rose among the thorns. Damn proud.

Our DIY banners.

Our competitors.

Can you see their barbecue pit? Our booth were located beside theirs and thanks to them, we were covered up in smoke! My hair smells like barbecue chicken!!! Should have force Shu Ying to buy new shampoo for me! XP

Competitors setting up their booth.

I bought Mango Blended from them. So, Jung is making my mango blended. Yummy~

We were being placed by our lecturer beside the PA system. So, many people actually thought that we are in charge of it instead of selling movie tickets.

Bad location.


Can you see that guy on the right? He's very very adorable! Best part of all is, everyday I've been getting free drinks from him. But the last day of the bazaar, I felt bad and decided to buy from them instead.

His squeezer was priced at RM3.50 ok! But worth it because it's really nice.

Drinks by Squeezer.

Ok, if my lecturer sees this, I'm so dead.

Competitors selling variety of food.

Competitor selling french fries with some special sauce (there are cheese, curry, black pepper, chocolate, mayo, mango and etc).

Competitors selling Maldivians' delicacies and some sunglasses.

Fear factor game for anyone who dares to take on the challenge.

Part of the Fear Factor game. But I don't know what the heck this is -_-

Amusement Park.

Part of the Fear Factor game. A very very disgusting game!!!

I'm extremely afraid of this stuff. That explains why I will never join any Fear Factor game.

After much persuasion from me, Jung decided to take on the challenge.

He's not afraid at all!!!

However, due to the poor sales from this group, they changed from the Fear Factor challenge to...

selling food.

It was odd because at first because I thought if was part of the Fear Factor segment like, they blend the worms together so that it doesn't go to waste =P

As you can see, the feng shui on our first day of bazaar was really bad. Sales was terrible because people didn't realize our booth, covered up with smokes and best part of all is, they thought we were in charge of the PA system =_='''

Think it's bad enough?

Our lecturer didn't confirm the booking of the Theatrette for us. There were some 'miscommunication' between our department with the main block and therefore, we were forced to cancel the first screening because they said we didn't book the Theatrette.

In fact, there are people who went all the way to main block just to watch the movie and then were told that the screening was cancelled. Best or not you tell me? Timmy said that there's even a fella who came with crutches leh!

Ultra guilty.

On the 2nd day, we moved out of the hidden place and continued with the sale of our tickets. Then, on the 3rd day, due to the chun-ness from our department again, they told us last minute that we cannot get the booking of the Theatrette for our last screening =_='''

We have no choice. We were pissed. We were disappointed with HELP.

But we have to change to another plan quickly because we are suffering losses on the food and drinks bought for the movie screening.

The new location of our booth.

We decided to sell food in the end because our screening was cancelled last minute and the following day, the bazaar was still on.

What we sold?

Who cook?

Siu Fai with the stuffs he's selling.

Therefore, for the final 2 days of the bazaar, our main aim was to cover up our losses and to break-even.

I was nervous as well as I have to cook to spaghetti sauce to sell! I hasn't been cooking for a while and was really afraid that it tasted horrible. Because I have to cook in a large quantity, I
have to prepare the ingredients the night before and by the time I'm finished, it was already midnight.

Following day, I have to wake up before 6am to cook. Why do I have to cook so early since the bazaar starts at 9am? Well, it's because I have to let it cool down! If not, how am I suppose to carry it to college la right? Aaron brought a portable stove to heat things up anyway.

I was nervous like s*hit I tell you. I really don't know whether HELP students will like my cooking or not. To my surprise, it was selling like hot cakes!!!

Spaghetti was all sold out.

I seriously did not expect this outcome though. The spaghetti was sold out around 12 something on Tuesday, and we were the first to pack things to go home. Seriously, I felt very happy when people enjoy my cooking ^.^ (I love to cook but I'm just too lazy...)

Finally, yesterday was the last day of our bazaar and we decided to add on something extra to our menu which is Aaron's special garlic sauce! Both the bolognese and garlic sauce were sold out before noon. How cool is that man! Many came to buy our spaghetti after that but too bad, they left with disappointment on their face.

They are the best! They were already earning profit even if they don't sell anything because they rented out their booth to people. Shu Ying, belanja minum la.

Squeezer's sale slowed down.

Ini lagi tak payah cakap.

Chips for sale.

We tried to sell off as many chips and drinks as possible at cost price. At the end of the bazaar, we managed to break-even in 2 days instead of suffering losses. Well, according to our lecturer, earning profit or loss won't affect our marks because what she wants to see is how we analyze consumer's behaviour.

I just want good marks. I don't mind suffering losses lor. Break-even was unexpected!

But I can tell you, this was indeed a very good and valuable experience for me because we encountered so many obstacles (thanks to HELP which are not HELP-ing us at all) and still manage to earn profits in 2 days time to break even by coming out with different strategies.

Very very good experience! Real life experience ok.

Lesson learnt - always have Plan B and things mustn't be done last minute. Everything must be well planned and team work is damn important.

Ok, time for me to hibernate now...

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