Friday, September 14, 2007

Think of Fasting, Think of Food! That's So Malaysian!!!

Fasting month has started!!! Since we are living in a Muslim country, do be a little bit considerate by not eating and drinking in front of them ok? When I heard the word puasa, automatically, I think of food *drool*

Hey, I'm a true Malaysian ok because I love all the malay & indian food! ^.^

Ok, reason why I'm writing this during the odd hour is simple, I'm hungry T_T Gosh... I don't usually eat supper and what's more when there's nothing to eat in my house =(

Freaking hungry la!!! Roti tisu... fly to me~~~

I was wondering, during the puasa month, do non-muslims go out to those food bazaar to buy our Malaysian delicacies? I don't know about you but I did!!! It's only once a year la friend. Go out and search for good food to indulge la. Must enjoy life~ (wah seh..sounds like I'm dying soon like that =_=''')

My favourite place to hunt for food during the puasa month would be Section 17 and 14 =) Guarantee lots of Malay food! 1 of my fav is putu piring =P Don't know what is that? YOU CALL YOURSELF A MALAYSIAN??? Go out and look for it NOW!!! I like roti pita, kebab, kuih and and and... (Damn, I'm getting hungrier now +_+)

Ok, talk about food, we often explore around KL to look for good food to eat last year isn't it? Why aren't we continuing this "hobby" now??? Busy and stress also need to eat right? Come on ler... I miss those times we have T___T Janji we go for jogging/badminton/swimming and etc every weekend to lose weight la ok?

=| I know I sounded very wai sik. All I miss are those times we had when we sat together to chat, laugh and of course, eat.

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