Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Short notice:-

Anyone wants to buy 2G pendrive? Here's what I'm offering...

Kingston (2G) - RM70
Scandisc (2G) - RM65

Can ask me face to face in college, pm me in msn or simply drop me an email ^.^

For your info, I'm not earning a single cent on this because I'm just helping someone to sell =) I think the price is reasonable too compared to the market price right? Well well well... If you are too shy to ask me face to face (for whatever reason it is -_-'''), feel free to email me at wan_yian@hotmail.com BUT please, please don't ask me for a discount =_=''' I'm not earning a single cent and yet, have to pay on your behalf.

Very pitiful 1 ok... T___T