Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today I got a rather shocking news from Yung Hui and May Yoong informing me that Chinaman (not going to disclose his name) had already found himself a new gf!!!

OMG!!! What is happening to the world now???

Seriously, I can't believe that cinapek can even get a gf lor =_=''' People like him.... +_+ with his sibeh chinaman attitude, he managed to get a good looking graduate from University of Cambridge!!! I suddenly felt that I'm sibeh 'sat pai' (failure) already. Can even lose to a person like him you know!!!!

Better shave off my hair to become nun la!

Anyway, here's the conversation of the day:-

Yian: Waaahhh... Can't believe he also managed to find a gf! We all damn 'sat pai' already.

YHui: Aiya... It's just that our 'yun fan' (jodoh) hasn't arrive yet...

Yian: Nola... Your 'yun fan' arrived d ar. There, sleeping behind you only ma (referring to Ken)..

YHui: Wah seh... damn 'wai' (disgusting) lor you...

Yian & Mayy: Hahahahahaha....

(After that, Mayy kept laughing to herself every few minutes at what I said to YHui =____=''')

Few days ago, Ken, YHui and I went to The Curve's McD. Here's the conversation of that day:-

(Can't remember the exact conversation. Roughly la ok?)

Ken: I tell you (talking to me), few years later when we are old, your grandchildren will be telling you that, "Wahhh... Uncle Ken VERY lengchai ar!!!"

Yian: =________='''

(After a few seconds...)

YHui: Damn disgusting wei...

Yian: Hahahahahahahahaha.... So direct for what?? I also don't dare to say those words you know...

Ken: Yalar!!! Damn don't give face man. Say disgusting some more!!! T_T

Hahahahahahahaha... Ken, something IS wrong with your image you know!!! Damn sad... damn sad...

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