Sunday, September 23, 2007

Semangat Betul

What I did today with my friends are, we went hiking.

Freaking semangat I know because I woke up at 6.30am and my friends arrived at my house by 6.50am. Actually, I can't even say that I 'woke up' because I didn't sleep at all!!! Great. I actually didn't sleep for a couple of nights already.

Surprisingly enough, Teng didn't sleep for the whole night too. This is what we call as 'berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing' =P

Last time I do go for hiking every weekend. Then, during foundation, I started to slack off and eventually, I stopped going because I'm lazy to wake up early I would rather rest on Sunday =)

I ain't lying la. Look into my eyes! I AIN'T lying!!! O_O

Other than being so semangat to go for hiking, we are also pretty semangat to take picture too. Hahahaha... I felt quite embarrassed when I thought about it now Back then, I can finish the whole track in less than 1 hour. Today, we need 1 hour and 45 mins (including warm ups and resting). But we all felt so refreshed after that. I think I can even kill 10 monkeys over there.

When we were going up the hill, we were being overtook by...

1) Kids. Then, we thought, never mind. They are young, hyper and energetic. It's ok.
2) Uncles and aunties. Never mind. They always go hiking and therefore, they got the stamina.

and finally....

3) Grandpas and grandmas This 1 I cannot accept at all wei.

Seriously, I need to find back my zaman kegemilangan no matter what T_T

After lunch, Teng and I went over to One Utama for a walk and guess who we saw =)

Tadaa~~~ Vince Chong and Jaclyn Victor!!!

Sorry for the bad photo quality. I didn't bring my camera out ma XP By the way, Jac is really friendly while Vince is quite cool (maybe because the kids all wanted to take pic with Jac more than him =x)

After few hours of window shopping, we went for high tea at Kluang Station and we both ordered Toasted Slice (roti bakar) ^.^ As for our drinks, Teng had Teh while I ordered Cham.

Teng "Yian, what does this reminds you of? We are like those apek in kopitiam drinking teh and eating roti bakar man!"

Yian " You know, you actually don't have to remind me of that."

After that, Teng kept calling me Chan see lai (aunty Chan) while I called her back Chu tai (aunty Chu) just to match the food we are eating and the kopitiam's atmosphere. We are just bored la I tell you.

I think her Teh is really tasteless and my Cham is a bit too bitter. I have to add extra sugar on my own! I should've charge them service charge instead of paying for it.

I looked tired in the photo isn't it? I'm seriously lack of sleep and I have no idea why I'm still blogging over here =_='''

1 word - semangat!!!

p/s - I know I have "fantastic" eye bags. Thank u for reminding me... T_T

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