Thursday, September 20, 2007


I was cleaning my cupboard just now and I found this old photo album of mine which I had "accidentally" tucked it deep inside. Since I'm pretty free (yea don't have to remind me of my assignments' due date), I spent 1 hour looking and laughing at those photos that we took in school and during our trip.

Heck, I really miss the ladies (guys also la!) and the times we had together back in high school =(

Looking back at those photos, I really can't imagine how much we've changed in a short period of 3 years. Yes, everyone has changed.

For instance, we definitely won't be doing this anymore...

Can't imagine how psycho we are back then. I still can't believe why I participated in that game in the first place -_- I lagi can't believe that I actually posted this in my blog. And that 5 jokers are SO proud to show off their body art. Since none of us have make up remover nor baby oil (we don't know about cosmetics that time. Can't believe it right?) with us, we had a REALLY hard time scrubbing off the lipstick on our face.

Thank goodness I kena-ed a bit only XD

This photo is a classic I tell you. Just look at where Teng rested her head.

=_______=''' Teng, I didn't know you are already so hamsap that time. And you looked so happy in the photo!!! T___T Damn sad for you wei...

(Haha.. thought I'll put lots of my old photos up? =P Nah... I'm too sleepy. Moreover, it's all old photos anyway~)

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