Friday, August 17, 2007

Welcome (Myself) To The 20s Club

(I'm blogging now =) So, don't nag me anymore T_T I thought I deserve 1 week off for my bday you see)

The plan for my 'surprise' birthday celebration from my college friends started with Phan saying that he will be treating his gang (the F4 =_=''') and me for dinner on the day before my actual birthday, 11th of August.

Surprisingly enough, Sim Wei said that she will be fetching me to One Utama but the thing is, Phan didn't know that she'll be coming. How can the host doesn't know who will be coming? =_=''' So, I know other than that group of guys, some others will be coming along as well.

Phan did said many wrong things but, let's not talk about it here =P

Dinner at BarBQ Plaza, One Utama.

But the thing that I really really did not expect was.... so many people turned up -_-'''

Sim Wei and I was the last to arrive (was it part of the plan as well?) and once I entered, OMG, so many people 1??? Very kua cheong ok. I thought maybe 8-10 people are able to make it because some stayed very far away, some got curfew, parents don't let and etc kinda excuses.

A total of 16 of us (included Yeung Yoke and his gf although they are not part of the plan) conquered the place.

You know what I'm wishing for. *cough* K *cough* J... Hahaha... KIDDING OK!!!

Seriously, I didn't know since when that waitress stood beside me with the cake because I was busy playing with Ken's latest handphone. Really surprised!

It's blueberry cake.

Before that, Phan already told me that I don't need to put on any make up because we'll be barbecuing and my make up is going to melt after that. So, no point coming so prettily. However, I still put on eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss =P And I came in t-shirt and jeans.

In the end, the rest of the girls put on more make up and looked 10 times prettier than the bday girl T_T

Sei chai Phan...

Me with the presents (muahahaha...more mascaras and eyeshadow ;)) and bday card. Can you see where YYoke was seated? Obviously he doesn't want to sit with me =_='''

Wah seh... Felt like a royal queen oh. Or a beauty queen? Joking only la. Please don't puke.
It's me with the girls.

Me with the guys.
Timmy requested to hold my hand =_=''' pandai ambil kesempatan

(While I was editing this photo, so happens that my mum came in to my room to ask me something. When she saw this photo, she asked, "what's that kid doing over there with your friends?" Referring to Ken).


Can you see that guy on the left? (Seated behind Phan) He's damn handsome ok!!! *drool*

So unfair. Look at my piece of cake compare to the other 1 T_T And I have to eat all the fruits as well. Thank goodness Jordan helped me to finish the fruits =P

LiLee->May Yoong->Yian.
Fruits->my cake->handphone hanger.
The handphone hanger that I was holding was given by the BarBQ plaza for my birthday. Awww... they are so nice~ Although I think that discount vouchers are more practical.

Cake->fruits->handphone hanger.

Why you all like to pose with my stuffs =_='''

EeLian and Sylvia were seated at the other end of the table. Must take picture with them la of course!

Remember I said earlier that Ken bought a new handphone? It's really really cool!!! It was the 'star of the night' (not me. Sad case T_T) where everyone was seen busy playing with his phone.

China's latest handphone. I'm serious!!!
I was trying to promote this phone but was criticized for not being sexy enough T____T Another sad case.

Me with the F4. Short hair version la duh!

MengFai, I'm not convinced that your eyes are open ok!

Erm...MFai, why are you so excited? -_- It's not past midnight what! (those who often go out yamcha with him should know why)

I'm so surprised that LiLee came! My good friend in college ^.^
She's hainanese, I'm hainanese.
She got dimple on her left cheek, I got dimple on my left cheek.
She got Meng Fai, I got....

Wahahahaha... If I got MFai, then die lor. Confirm got world war III.

Me and Sylvia. By far, she's the skinniest friend I've ever had +_+
Want some fats from me? FOC.

Me and EeLian. She got outer and inner plus she can cook too!!! Every guy's dream girl!!!

Sim Wei and Yian. This card was made by her. Thank you very muchie~

May Yoong and moi. Another close friend of mine in college because she's crazy and playful all the time XD Very interesting girl. Btw, who are you calling using Ken's phone? =.= That uncle M ar? Hohoho...

While typing this, I just realized that I didn't take any photo with YungHui. How come???

Group photo. I yeng or not???

Thank you very much for all the surprises and the dinner! Really happy ^.^

Sylvia, Yian, YHui, SWei and Ken (holding cam) were the last to leave One Utama.
The rest went home early because they got curfew, some lived far away and others got plan.

That night after 12am, my hp ran out of battery after 2 hours of receiving calls and smses from my friends (not trying to show off here la =_='''). I just want to say a big thank you to those who called and smsed me that night!!!

Teng was the cutest! She called me around 11 something to my house phone to chat because she wanted to be the first to wish me! However, my friends called up my hp to wish me first before her! Wahahaha.... ruined your plan didn't they?
Still, thanks for being so sweet~

Oh, special thanks to...
- Sylvia for the photos
- SimWei for fetching me
- MYoong & YHui for going out to buy my presents (with Phan & Chong on thurs right?Juz guessing..)
- Phan for lying so many times to me

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