Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sucky Major

After 3 months of long holidays, finally I'm back to college to start my Degree.

But it's so darn disappointing to know the amount of people taking the same major as I am!!! The total amount of girls is only 3!!!! Oh my god!!! How to survive la like that???

Worse of all, the failing rate for that stupid Internet subject is high too! For a few semesters, nobody got HD before =____=''''' Can our batch break that norm?

Wah seh.... I personally got no confident if I'm still that lazy and ALWAYS study last minute T_T
I hope I won't get blacklisted by Mr Jacob for being the laziest student he ever had! Wahahahahaha....

By the way, how come I didn't get to see KJ 1????? Same major what!!!! Didn't get to see him in college too!! What a life!

My life is going down the drain ler... =(

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