Friday, August 24, 2007

Rare Species in Malaysia

Someone claimed that she used to study in the BEST secondary school in Ipoh, was in the FIRST class and also the TOP 10 student in the whole freaking school. She also claimed that her SPM result was the BEST in the class (reminder: being in the first class and getting the best SPM result simply means that she was the top student in her school! On top of that, her school was the best in Ipoh, which also means that she was the best student in Ipoh, right? At least, that's what she's trying to tell us...) but the funny thing is, she refused to tell anyone of us about her result.

Now, you tell me, how good can that be?

For someone as cocky as her, I'm sure she'll show off her result without us asking right? She then further boasted that she sat for the STPM, which is the world 3rd hardest paper and got good result as well! Again, she refused to tell how 'excellent' her result is.

Again, how good can that be?

But somehow, this 'smart' girl seems to talk without even using 1% of her brain. Since most of us are studying in private college (when the conversation took place), she dare to say it straight to our face that, 'people who study in private college aren't that smart compared to those who sat for STPM'.

Can anyone go and slap her on my behalf? Ribena special on me!

Things doesn't stop there. She asked my friends (I wasn't there), what does success mean to them. Before they could answer, she intercepted and said that her friends, sister and etcetera are very very successful. Thus, she's successful as well. =_=''' That's such an insult to those smart and successful people out there. They are successful, does that makes her successful as well?

Ohya, I forgot to mention about her major.

You must be wondering, this top student in her class/school/state must be majoring in medicine, law, engineering or anything relevant right? HELL WRONG!!!

She actually majored in Secretarial.

Seriously, I don't know whether I should laugh or vomit blood. Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that major but for someone as smart as her, majoring in that course is such a waste right?

What is this top student in Ipoh doing as a secretary? You should be saving people's life!!! Or or or.... rival my friend in talking/saving people from going behind bars! What the hell are you doing wei?!?!?! When she was asked about her choice of major, she puts all the blame on her mum. Apparently, her mum asked her to major in something easy so that she won't be so stressful.

=_________='''' No dear, with the brain that you have, everything IS easy isn't it?

I got really pissed because she thought we are that stupid enough to believe her.

I hasn't been seeing her for quite some time now (not that I want to see her anyway -_-''') but I remembered the last question that she ever asked me regarding studies was, "Yian, were you ever being offered to enter Form 6? You know, not everyone can enter into Form 6 lor..."

Then, what's that offer letter doing in my drawer?
(I did not reply her. I just kept quiet because such person is not worth my saliva to talk to)

And b*tch, it's god damn easy to enter Form 6 ok!!! They sent me the offer letter without me applying for it. Don't act smart when your level of English is far worse than my 7 years old cousin sister.

Don't know why she always want to talk about those topic that happened many years ago where none of us even bother to reply her (yea, I have never say nor reply her anything regarding this topic. I would rather keep quiet or act stupid, hoping that she'll stop talking about it). Psycho ar you? I must ask Chen Ming to counsel her before her condition worsen. (ok, Chen Ming is not a qualified psychologist yet. So, after the counselling session, there's a possibility that her condition might worsen =_=''')

Sorry people, I know this entry is full of sarcasm because I've been tahan-ing this girl for almost 4 months ok!!! If 1 entry can make me fell better by saying what I'd wanted to say all these while, so why not??? It's not like she'll be reading this anyway. Even if she does, I'm not afraid of letting her know what I thought about her =) What others said about her are far worse than me anyway.

(I chose not to tell her straight to her face about my thoughts is because I know that kiasu people like her, there'll just be endless arguments until she wins! Like I said, she's not worth my saliva to argue over and yea, I rather keep quiet and let her assume that she's the best instead ^.^ Sometimes I'm just so kind because I believe in karma.)

Anyhow, I really pity my friends who have to put up with all her nonsense and her 'smartness' in talking everything.

-End talk-

p/s - MYoong, you asked me to put up a photo of my make up using Kate eyeshadow that I got for my bday right? I'm quite reluctant to put it up actually... So, can I say 'no' to your request??? T_T

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