Wednesday, August 29, 2007


While I'm using my lappie on the floor, suddenly I thought of this old joke that I read from somewhere.

One day, the toothbrush and toilet roll are having a chat in the toilet...

Toothbrush: Sometimes, I think I've got the worst job in the world...

Toilet roll: Yea right...

I forgot where I put the photo already but isn't it funny???? Please laugh... =_='''

Today I was having discussion with the guys (Sim, Timmy, Aaron & Siu Fai) about the business that we are going to set up next month for our assignment (no, I won't type it here but you all can ask me in college anyway ;)) and all of us are so hyped up and feeling excited with our idea!

Then, this Aaron jokingly suggested that we shall set up a booth for kissing. Yes, HE asked ME to kiss those people who pay (confirm no business I tell you!) and then the next minute he said...

Aaron: Eh, what if that they pay us and ask you NOT to kiss them?

Me: =_='''

Aaron: Wahahahahaa..... What if they pay us and ask us to CLOSE our booth?

Me: T____T

See, this is the image I got in HELP.

Kena bullied like nobody's business man!!! Ok, from now on, I vowed to set a good image in HELP! No more laughing like mad woman, no more jokes, no more disturbing Tim and Sim in class, and etc. Must do nothing other than study and listen in class.

Good image... good image... good image... good image...

Now I'm just praying that our idea will get approval by HELP and it'll be a huge success! Most importantly is, we must enjoy ourselves!!!

By the way, when everything is confirmed, can you all come and support us? Wahahaha... I know it's too early for that now when I have another assignment due next week. Will online less often anyway because I have lots of animes haven't watch yet.

Don't worry, will still blog =)

Before I forget, FIR's 3rd album will be out soon!!! And Wilber Pan's album too!!! So excited! I've listen their new songs from the radio and I love it!!! Can't wait... =P

This entry is so random XP Sorry cuz it's late now and I'm busy chatting. Will write something better next time ok? Night~~

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