Saturday, August 18, 2007

My 20th Birthday Celebration

On 11th of August (the day after my dinner with college friends), Teng, Yoke Man and I went over to One Utama for shopping and it ended up that I am the only one buying lots of stuffs and they went home empty handed =_='''

Tak syiok to shop alone ok! Let's go out again. I want to do more shopping!!! Money earned is to spend right?

The original plan for the dinner was to go for steamboat in Puchong with just the 5 of us (Teng, YMan, Florence, Wai Mun and myself. Small and simple dinner is fine, Teng! Really! Can have heart to heart talk ma. Hahahaha...) and I'll be the driver.

In the end, after the shopping, Teng said that she got to find her cousin to get something and therefore, she drives her own car while I went to fetch Florence and Wai Mun. That moment, I already find it weird. Your cousin lives 2 streets away from my house only! I can fetch you over what isn't it???

I smell something 'fishy' la Teng~~ Wahahahaha...

So after 10 minutes, we meet back at the Kelana lrt station and headed straight to Puchong! Teng booked the table for 8pm because that place is famous and is always packed. Once we passed the toll, Teng stopped by at the bus stop opposite the IOI Mall and the first thing that came into my mind was, "What the heck? Dining over here ar???"

It was then she revealed that there's a VIP coming and therefore, we got to wait for that fella. While waiting, I saw a head in her car. Ok, so, there's 2 VIPs for my dinner! Making the total of 7 people for my birthday!

Naughty la you Teng. Planned so many things beforehand!

So finally, we arrived at the restaurant and man... seriously damn packed with people ok!!! It was then I realized that, there are 2 VIPs in Teng's car! So so so so so so shocked to see Wendy and Siok Yee came! REAL VIP man!

The fella that we waited for at the bus stop was Xiu Yuan. The only guy that night XD Damn lucky.

Thank you for coming, Xiu Yuan =) In order to repay you, you serve all the girls that night la ok?

And, can you stop flirting with that waiter over there? No wonder he was so happy and excited to serve our table and kept pouring the soup for us without us asking T_T

I won't be sad if you flirt with girls though...

Thank you for coming too especially Wai Mun because she came straight after work.

Thanks to Teng for being the great organiser! Managed to invite so many people that night, knowing that most of them are always busy with their college stuffs and work.

Wong Wan Yian and Wong Wan San. My sister. (that's if you believe)

Xiu Yuan, why do you always show this facial expression??? Like so pissed off nia... =_='''

While I was eating halfway, suddenly someone closes my eyes! I was SO DAMN SHOCKED to see Yee Mei came!!! She's the VVIP!!! Really really happy and excited I tell you because I thought she will ffk me again this year just like last year.

The girls.

In the end, from the 5 of us became 9!!! All my close close buddies! Speaking of which, a few of the bastards can't even attend =_=''' esp Khoon Wah! Your reason is totally unacceptable!!!

Tilt your head to the left to see.

Now tilt to the right. (XYuan's work of art +_+)

Group pic. Thank you very much for everything!

Teng, you did a great job! Especially with all the VIPs and VVIP appearing 1 by 1.

Another thing is, I didn't expect to have birthday cake that night. So, imagine my reaction when I saw it on my right ^.^ (the day before, the cake appears on my left =P)

Cheese cake. Very very nice!!!

Everyone is so happy that I'm a year older T____T Don't know why...

This sui chai ar.... Last year he's with a bunch of guys, that why I kena like mad by them last year. This year he's all alone but still wants to kacau me! He wants a taste of hell I guess...

Why I said Yee Mei is the VVIP is because I've know her for more than 10 years!!! Even longer than Teng!

My antique friends. And that, I'm referring to the both of them ^.^

After the dinner, we headed back to PJ for yamcha with the rest that couldn't make it for the dinner. Those who came for yamcha were Chin Howe, Khoon Wah and his friend and Wendy's friend (shit, I forgot to call Steven =.=). What the heck? Yamcha got more people than the dinner T_T

Still, we had lots of fun and laughter over there whenever we have Chin Howe with us ;) Finally, we left the place around 1 something am (right?) and I got to fetch 2 fellas home while Teng fetched another 2 for me (thanks a bunch!).

Funny thing is, CHowe was seated in my car and while I drop Siok Yee home, he was holding tightly to the seat and kept saying, "Yian... don't drive so fast! I'm very scared...I'm very scared..."


Sorry la. Really didn't realized I drove very fast.

Even Teng also commented that I drove too fast that night. Yeeerrr Teng... You have never, NEVER said that I drove fast before ok! T____T I did not la!!!

That night, Teng and Yoke Man stayed over at my house for chatting and photos and songs transferring. Meanwhile, *cough* I was chatting with someone and for the whole night I got teased by them for being overdosed with sugar for all the sweet things that he said *blush*

It's.... it's.... it's really nothing la ok! Normal friend only what +_+ He's.... always like that.

The best part that night was the 3 of us eating popiah in the middle of the night at 4 something am =_=''' Break record I tell you. But the bad thing was, we chatted till 6.06am before we decided to sleep cuz our eyes couldn't open anymore. See!!! That's the sign of us ageing!!!

I know I've said it many many times before.... but still, let me say it for the last time....

Thank you very much for everything!!!

I felt so grateful with my life and the people around me =) Arigato~

(That marks the end of my teenage life =| Now, I'm entering the new phase of life! So excited!)

For those who are interested to know which restaurant that I went to for dinner, here are the details... (since I got the details from Teng, might as well share it with you all)

BB Ho Steamboat Restaurant
24, Jalan Puteri 2/2,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong,
Tel: 012-2868099

I don't know about the price because they don't allow me to pay =_='''

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