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*Memories in Redang Island*

Ok ok... let's continue with the story from my previous entry so that I can finally blog about something else instead of this 4 months old thingy =_='''

The last part is where MYoong, YHui and I were enjoying our last night in Redang by lying on the hammock while enjoying the sea breeze right?

Oh, did I mention about the blue sand? (some called it as glow sand. So, I don't know which is right!)
It's some sort of minerals that glows in blue when you rub on it. It's really beautiful I tell you.

Day 4

After 1 and the half hours of waiting, finally the rest of them came to join us to have a drink at the bar (Beach Resort) around 1.10am (past 12, considered as the following day. About the time, I got it from the photo =P My memory isn't that great).

The bar at Beach Resort is definitely 10x better than the bar in Redang Bay lor. Just talk about the decorations is enough, don't need to mention about the music, the DJ and the amount of tourists there.

Daniel definitely likes to be the torn among the roses! hahahaha....

After spending almost 1 hour at the bar drinking alcohol soft drinks, Daniel, Ken, Eelian, YHui, MYoong, Phan and I went to loiter around the beach to check out some places that we have never been before while the rest went back to their room to sleep.

Hey, it's our last night in Redang!!! Why waste it like that???

However, we spend most of the time searching for blue sand and looking at the beautiful stars in the sky where suddenly, I saw a shooting star across the sky!!!

Freaking lucky right???
I'm seriously damn lucky in Redang ler!!! I saw shark fin soup baby shark some more...

By far, only Daniel and I saw shooting stars in Redang. Still can't believe how lucky I was.

Eelian was holding the cam. Too bad...

Most of the time, there will be silent moment because we were enjoying the sea breeze, amazed by how beautiful the nature is and etc... It was then this Ken breaks the silence by saying that we (girls) are pretending to be emo in the middle of the night! =_=''''

I think he wants us to throw him into the sea in the middle of the night too.

Ok fine... after the EMO session for more than an hour, we all went back to my room to play cards because we don't want to sleep that night and we wanted to see the sunrise!!! (Eelian & Daniel went back to their room zZZzzzz)

That leaving just the 5 of us playing the *cough* UNO cards. There was a battle of the millennium between Phan and Ken, where they fought among themselves for drawing more cards. That's why we girls kept winning.

However, at around 5am, we couldn't keep our eyes open anymore (this sentence copied from Ken. See, I give u credit ok!), we gave up and went to sleep. That proves again that we all are ageing T_T

That night, Phan didn't go back to his room but slept with Ken instead (Oh my God..this sentence is so misleading!!! XD) while the 3 girls got to share a bed. Actually I'm quite scared to sleep with YHui after the Langkawi's incident =_____='''' oh well, it wasn't that bad this time! Hahahahaha....

Very unfortunate in the morning that day, it drizzles! So, there's no sunrise for us =( We went back to sleep lor no choice =P

Last group photo in Redang after breakfast.

Last photo of our resort, or you can call it as hostel if you like.

We are not leaving Anna behind on purpose. It's just that she'll be taking AirAsia back with her friends at night.

Really don't want to leave Redang la!!! Seriously, ever since I came back from Redang, I don't really like noisy places in PJ or KL anymore =|

Goodbye Redang Bay... T_______T

Goodbye Laguna... T______________T

Goodbye I-don't-know-what-hotel... T___T

Goodbye Redang Island... T_____________________________T

We looked so excited over here right?
What happened???

Here's something for you all to do.

Spot the difference in these 2 photos (Credit: Taken from Ken's blog)

Sim's white cap got blown away by the strong wind!!!

He lost his crown... I mean, his cap.

Back to the jetty.

Back to Chinatown in Kuala Terengganu. It's 11:43am but this is the ONLY coffee shop that opens in the entire street. Are we too early or too late for lunch?

Waiting for our bus at the Redang Bay agency. Sim looked damn pissed in this photo. Because of your cap is it??? (If you did notice, I've changed to jeans!)

This is the normal way of sleeping.





After few hours of nap in the bus, all of us were fully recharged!!! Well, except for Ken and Phan maybe.

And guess what we did in the bus for 2-3hours before we reach KL? We (which include Sim, Timmy, YHui, Yian, Eelian, Sim Wei, Chong and Phan) played UNO and poker cards in the bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn pro aren't we?

Warning: Kids, please don't try this at home. We were all professionally trained for those stunts beforehand.

Nah, YHui and I were not required to do those dangerous stunts because they all came to our place to play =P

We were the noisiest bunch of teenagers in the bus. Great.

When the night falls, we were unable to play anymore. So, we had some great chat or discussions all the way back where we discovered that Phan is darn good in "imagining things". Those who missed out the funny jokes and the great topics that we had, it's a big loss la.

Finally, we were back to KL by 9pm. The first thing we did was to look for food!!!!

Venue: McDonald's in The Mall.

We saw another group of HELP students who are waiting for their bus to Redang. What a coincident!

After eating 'prisoner's food' for 3 days straight in Redang, finally we got to eat some real food.
I'm not trying to promote fast food (government wanna ban fast food ads I know) here but, McD really tasted damn good that night!

Ok...this pretty much wraps up my entire trip in Redang and I really really enjoyed the trip very much!!! Redang island really has nothing much to offer (entertainment) at night. So, who you go with really matters!

Advice: Go with some crazy bunch of people and I can guarantee that you'll have a great time over there!

I really want to go back there again ='( I miss the handsome hunks island.


I'm done with my entry what!

Ken totally deserves a crown for all the funny things he did to keep us entertained!

Special thanks to...
Eelian and YHui for all the photos!!! ;)

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