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*Memories in Redang Island*

Well, just in case you all are bored of my (and my friends') current face, I shall be kind and 'rewind' back to show you people again our look 4 months ago.

Here goes again my grandmother story...

Day 3
It was really hard to wake the guys up early in the morning for breakfast because they ignored my morning call and continued with their sweet dreams like nobody's business. I don't know about the majority of guys out there but I definitely know a trick or two to make my guy friends wake up on their own without screaming at them.

Take a guess =)

Well, this is what I said...

Yian: Wey... TIME FOR BREAKFAST!!! If you guys want to continue to sleep, we girls shall go for our breakfast and we'll wait for u people at the canteen ok?

And the guys immediately jumped out from their bed and got themselves prepared for breakfast in less than 15 minutes.

=_='''' I can't believe you guys are motivated by food!!! Malu la wei...

All of us are geared up for our second snorkelling trip after the breakfast!!!

All looked so tired and sleepy =/ (I totally cannot accept my hair wei T_T)

Beautiful sea... Here I come!!!

If you people did notice, during my first snorkelling trip, I wore a bright blue shirt with a bright pink shorts. Then for this second trip, I wore a bright orange shirt. Actually, there's a significant meaning behind it.

Just in case anything happens to me in the middle of the sea (simply because I can't blardy swim!), at least I'm easier to spot because of my oh-so-bright-and-striking shirt!!! Am I smart or what???

See, I'm teaching you something when you are heading to the sea! XD

Talk about the fishes. Oh my god... I still feel geli thinking about it. Here's an incident happened on that day.

As I was so freaking afraid of fishes, I purposely keep a distance away from Yung Hui when I got to know that she wanted to feed the fishes. While I was swimming away from her (about 5-7 metres away), suddenly, something hit me on my right hand.

I was totally clueless! I thought, "what the heck is this white white thingy???"

The next thing I know, hundreds of fishes (maybe not that many, but for me, it looks more than a hundred) swam towards me, trying to eat that damn white thing which is, a piece of bread.

I tried to swim away as fast as I could with my stupid frog style and kept screaming for 'HELP' because I was seriously damn freaked out lor!!! Ever wonder how that bread ended up beside me?

Thanks to YHui la!!! When she tried to feed on those fishes, she got freaked out when a fish tried to bite her fingers. So, out of reflex action, she threw the bread away and due to my 'good luck' throughout the trip, it landed on my side which is almost 5 metres away =_='''''

Damn those fishes.

In the end, I got a few bites from those fishes on both my legs (you know la, meaty ma. They thought it's food as well).

There's another funny incident though.

Because May Yoong and Yung Hui don't know how to swim, they hold on to a float given by the boatmen and this guy brought these 2 girls around. I don't know where that fella went to in the end and very unfortunately, these 2 ladies got carried away by the strong current to the other side of the beach.

There came the hero, Yap Wei Ken, trying to act macho to save 2 of his heroines. He was using all his might to pull the girls to the shore with his "beautiful" freestyle (that's what he wrote in his blog).

I know how to swim a bit and so, I was waiting for them at the shore while watching how this superhero saves the girls.

The funniest part was to see how Ken trying his very best, using all his might to pull the girls to the shore but problem is, he wasn't moving at all!!!! After 10 freaking minutes, he still stays at the same spot, with his beautiful freestyle in action!!!

Damn funny wei!!! Too bad I don't have camera with me. If not, I would have record it down as video for everyone to watch!

In the end, I think Ken ran out of stamina and decided to stand up to pull the girls to the shore instead. I tell you, from his spot to the shore is even less than 10 metres lor! Don't act hero la Ken! Wasting all you stamina nia...

I bet you didn't know I saw the whole drama incident right?

With the young spirit in us, Chong, Timmy, Phan, Eelian, Anna, YHui, Ken, Daniel and I decided to swim to the middle of the sea (within the boundaries set by the authority la of course!) because we thought corals over there are more beautiful. (MYoong, Sim and SimWei didn't join us though)

Heck wrong! It's so damn ugly but no doubt, the corals over there are very very huge.

Phan was the best swimmer among us because he can swim as FAST as a mermaid with his freestyle but he ran out of breath VERY FAST TOO!!! I am the only joker using frog style among the hundreds of people in Marine Park ler =_='''' Quite embarrassing I tell you.

After we have explored around the place, we decided to race back to the shore. Phan said he'll guide me back to the shore because he's a good swimmer while I myself, can't swim. Ok, this scenario reminds of the tortoise and the rabbit story.

Phan's freestyle is fast but he ran out of breath easily and he needs to rest a couple of times before continuing. My hideous frog style is slow but I don't run out of breath easily and as a result, I don't need to rest as much as Phan =P

In the end, I reached the shore and chit-chatted with MYoong they all while Phan is still in the middle of the sea, resting. Wahahahaha.... Actually swimming back isn't easy because of the strong current that kept pushing us away to the wrong direction. Still, it's a good experience for me!!!

Daniel, just like his cousin brother (Ken), wanted to act hero too by removing his life jacket because he wanted to dive in to see those corals. You know, I don't practically care if he wanna act hero or anything. But worse of all is..... HE WANTED ME TO HOLD HIS LIFE JACKET FOR HIM!!!

Wah lau... You damn sayang me man.

Damn easy to spot me la. The girl with the striking orange shirt ^.^

On the way back to our resort.

Our work of art. All the life jackets and towels were arranged neatly by us ;) Oh, we are all so discipline people!

View from our room.

After a tiring snorkelling trip, it's lunch time for all of us!!! Still, the quality of the food did not improve +_+ I can still use the fish to throw at dogs (meaning it's tough).

All of us went back to our room for a quick shower before our next activity at 2.30pm. According to the schedule given to us, we still have another snorkelling trip but all of us got bored of the same fishes and corals, we decided to change the snorkelling to jungle trekking instead.

The receptionist told us that the jungle trekking is a easy job and we can even wear slipper for it! However, all of us decided to wear shoes instead of slipper because we are going into the jungle, not shopping mall la =_=''' Apa ni pakai selipar???

When it's time for all of us to gather, we were so shocked to see that only our group wore shoes! Thank goodness we made the right choice because the whole trekking thingy ain't easy at all!!! I've been to so many jungle trekking before and by far, this was the hardest for me =( (sign that I'm ageing too T_T)

Yah.... who the hell use umbrella at the beach right? It wasn't mine. I was holding it for Anna only =x (We were walking to the jungle located behind our resort)

Who the heck lives in the middle of the jungle???

Now you get my point why we NEED to wear shoes right? This is not even road!!! We got to do lots and lots of climbing and descending! Thank goodness we didn't change to our slippers in the end =P

We were being separated into 2 groups. Half of us were far in front while the other half were far behind.

Despite being the toughest jungle trekking ever for me, this virgin jungle has nothing to offer other than...

a mushroom (tell yourself... this is not a mushroom but a lingzhi.... brainwash yourself...)

And some flora. Sien-ness...

We got to take off our shoes just to cross this place T_T

So happy and excited because we thought we have finally completed the whole trek.

They are happy as well.

But it is just a false hope. After coming out from the jungle, we still have to walk up to a slope at 35 degree for almost half an hour!!! I tell you, if I do this everyday, confirm I can shed many kilos away man!! Wahahaha... back to my old figure lor!!!

You can have the beach all by yourself!!! A private beach!

Something you don't get to see in PJ and KL.

I don't mind staying here forever!!!

Here's some drama to entertain you people who got bored of the beach, sea and trees...

Wahahaha.... Ken, u better don't freak Anna out until she goes back to Hong Kong ar!

Anna in front of Berjaya's cafeteria. Compare this to our Redang Bay's canteen.... *sigh*

Our private boat is waiting for us =P

Berjaya Redang Resort.

More sea and trees for you all to see.

All of us were exhausted and we HAVE TO recharge ourselves with.... high tea!

Darn, come to think of it, all we can do in Redang is either snorkelling, eat or sleep T_T

After our high tea, we wanted to play a game and so, we chose.... beach volleyball ;)

Intially, the game started just among ourselves without any rules and regulations as long as you can serve the ball.

So, we divided ourselves into 2 teams.

Yung Hui, Daniel, Sim Wei and Sim.


Timmy, Yian, Chong and Phan.

At first I was very reluctant to play because the last time I played volleyball was dated back in primary school. That time, I can't even serve that damn ball and my PE teacher got so frustrated and he asked me to go back to play handball and netball instead (because I was the captain for the handball and netball team =_= Teachers back in primary school do know me because we won first before and represented our school for other tournaments).

But that damn PE teacher is so discouraging ok!!! Cannot serve the ball only what! Can die is it? T_T

Worse of all is.... with the amount of attention that our guys got from the futsal game on the day before, in less than no time, the other professional players joined in. To top it off, YungHui and SimWei withdraw last minute!!! Leaving me, the ONLY girl playing with the bunch of guys T_____T

I think I played OK only throughout the game since it's like, my first time playing volleyball ^.^ Do read Ken's blog. He praised me for playing well in his blog *insert evil laughter*

Of course my performance ain't good if you were to compare it with those pro players la.

Don't make me angry or else, I'll serve your head like how I serve the ball.

Another thing is, you can't imagine how many times I am forced to serve that darn ball ok!

That Peter Crouch fella.... kept asking me to serve because he wanted to train me in serving T_T At least I know how to serve now!! Wahahaha... I can now tell my PE teacher that I'm not only good in handball and netball lor!!! Dare to look down on me huh???

Don't underestimate me la.

No doubt I enjoyed the game very much (even though I'm the only girl playing. Why you girls don't want to play? It's fun!!!) because I did learn a lot about the game from those pro players ;) As expected, we lost the game to them.

End of the game. Time for photography session.

Our destination, the More More Tea Inn.

Welcome to More More Tea Inn. (Seriously, I don't know where MYoong got that coral from =_=''')

Read la. Don't be lazy! If not, what's the purposely of me putting this photo up?

Sim.... +_+

Ken.... T_T

Anna can be Sammi Cheng because she's from Hong Kong. About Sim, he's the Malaysia version of Richie Ren la... =_='''''''

Group photo.

The girls. (Yhui, u look so 'chuin' leh! Hahaha)

I can see Chong suffering in silence.

Our hotel, Laguna Beach Resort.

The other end of Laguna hotel.

Redang in the evening.

Must show this photo again. It's suppose to be our hotel ma...

After a scrumptious barbecue for dinner, the rest entered Eelian's room to play cards while MYoong, YHui and I went to the beach to enjoy the sea breeze. We lied down on the hammock, enjoying the sea breeze while looking at the beautiful stars in the sky.

That's what I call life ok!!! Really really really relaxing!!!

We even walked over to the Redang Beach Resort to see those handsome guys shuffle. Darn chun I tell you!!! Can cuci mata...

Eh.... I'm so bored of this Redang thing la.... the rest I shall continue on Saturday or Sunday instead!!!
Make sure you all come back to visit over the weekend =)

p/s- You can read Day 1 and Day 2 of the trip again here.

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