Thursday, August 02, 2007

Guess Where This Place Is

Take a wild guess...

Water as clear as Redang's.

Scenery as beautiful as Langkawi's Dayang Bunting.

Still don't know where this place is?

Bridge also cleaner and curvier! Hahaha...

Everywhere is surrounded by beautiful nature~

So beautiful!!!

You might be wondering this place must be some foreign countries instead of Malaysia right?

Okla, this beautiful place is called Sungai Jagong Waterfall located in Kedah!

Oh my gawd... Malaysia Boleh for having such a beautiful place!!! =P
Let's go la Teng!!! You said I'm the princess and I can make all the decisions right???

Wahahahaha.... Let's go then~~ XD

p/s - obviously I'm just kidding..

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