Saturday, August 25, 2007

Do Contribute To The Economy ;)


Do you know who I saw today in Pyramid?????? I saw Anthony!!!!

Mind you, not that ATQ 2006's winner ok! It's the ♥Anthony♥ from California Fitness!!!! Remember him????? Oh my God!!! I'm just so lucky today!!!

Ok, it happens like this. I was waiting for Teng in front of the McD in Pyramid (assuming it's first floor) and out of boredom, I looked down to those people skating (ground floor) and to my surprise, I saw Anthony!!! He stood just right below from where I'm standing and he's checking out the people skating as well =_=''' So sad that he didn't look up.

He was there because California opened a new branch in Pyramid and the number of staffs there are 3 times those in MV!!! I don't know why he got transferred over to Pyramid. Well, maybe they need some really good looking guys at their new branch to attract those female customers =P

If I got money, I'll join too just to see him.

Since Yoke Man, Florence and Wai Mun are unable to join us for shopping, Teng and I just go on with the plan and we both shopped like crazy!!!! Too bad we only got to shop for 3 hours plus because we both got to go home early =(

Teng, I still want to buy more XP
U still got money or not? Wahahaha...
Money earned is to spend ma...right???

Since Teng earn more than I do, she get to spend more than me too T_T I don't care la!!! I've spent all my money d... I need to work freelance now. I'm not that type that ask dad for money to buy my own stuff you see! I would rather earn my own money instead =P Teng, your dad need part time Marketing Sales Co-ordinator or not?

Yah, my meaning is to take over your position XD Don't look down on someone who got promoted twice in 2 months ok! Wahahaha... I'll make sure your dad expand his business out of Malaysia! How about that? Can can can??? Kidding only la... Don't sabo me...

Here are some of the photos taken. Sorry la... Lazy to post up all. So, just 3 only ok?

Photo taken in a shoe shop =_=''' This is what sien & vain ppl do...

Sorry la. My hand moved. That's why it's blur =P (all photos are taken by hp)

A shirt that I tried on. Teng said that when I wore this shirt, I'm like trying to show-a-bit-and-don't-show-a-bit T_T Because it's a little bit off-shoulder. Nah, off-shoulder also no difference cuz it'll be covered by my hair!

Special tips for the girls:
There are sooooo many lengchai promoters in Pyramid! My personal favourite are the 1 in Samuel&Kevin and LP Zone ^.^ Hehehehe.... So, don't be surprise to see me in Pyramid so often in future. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Another thing that I'm happy is, I used a new mascara that I bought on Tuesday and I managed to deceive Teng thinking that I'm wearing a fake lashes!!! ^.^ I really like that new mascara a lot!!! At such a cheap price, it gives a really dramatic and fake lash effect! I really have good taste man! Muahahaha...

Erm... Teng, I forgot to tell you something. The song that you wanted from my blog, I got it in my hp!!! Hohohoho... Sorry la! Wa lupa dah... Next time only bluetooth all to you ler. See!!! Trust my taste! Told you that it's nice isn't it???

Sales is going to end soon! Faster, who wants to shop??? I don't mind tagging along because I want to buy more accessories and clothes ;) Shopping is good because we are contributing to the economy! This is what we learned in Economics isn't it??? (I can see my money flying away T____T)

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